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Panorama Summit Orthopedics has moved into its brand new, permanent clinic where it can continue to provide top notch orthopedic care to the entire community in a more spacious setting.

The number one goal of our practice from the start is to take care of this community, and that means all people, said Dr. Aaron Black, a sports medicine and orthopedic trauma specialist at Panorama Summit Orthopedics who has been with the Summit County practice since it opened. We dont turn anybody away. Were a top rate facility thats easily accessible and were here to take care of the entire community.

The entire Panorama Summit Orthopedics team knows and understands that being there for the community means committing to patients by providing same day appointments, timeliness in authorizing procedures, communication, efficiency, friendliness and follow-through, said Amy Manske, director of operations.

We are here for them to help them feel better so they can do more, she said.

Open in Frisco

With the completion of its brand new clinic on School Drive in Frisco, Panorama Summit Orthopedics is now able to offer more appointments and longer hours. This is especially helpful during COVID-19 thanks to a nearly 300% increase in the number of office exam rooms.

We went from seven rooms in the old office to 20, Dr. Black said. This facility also has a lot more space, which gives us a better ability to socially distance.

The new building also offers X-ray imaging and direct access to physical therapy services. Theres a procedure suite focusing on orthopedic biologics such as platelet-rich plasma and stem cell injections, as well as other small in-office procedures.

Its a really beautiful building and a much nicer facility with a lot more space, Dr. Black said of the practices new home.

Inclusive care

Panorama Summit Orthopedics believes that all treatment decisions shouldnt have anything to do with a patients insurance status or ability to pay. Dr. Black said this belief is also how hes ethically driven as a physician.

My goal has never been to look at how people pay, he said. Regardless of where people come from or what they do for a living, I know were taking care of the entire community and trying to make the right decisions for people.

Walk-in OrthoCare Clinic

Panorama Summit Orthopedics offers walk-in services for all orthopedic concerns except for spine (the practice is currently seeking a spine physician to add to its team). All walk-in patients will be seen by one of the clinics orthopedic surgeons.

This is a full orthopedic clinic visit, Dr. Black said. You see a doctor, and were there to perform a full history, imaging, small procedures, casting, splinting and small reductions.

Hours are Monday through Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m.; and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday.

On-site physical therapy

Physical therapy, which is an essential part of orthopaedic patients recovery, is now offered in the same building as the clinic. Dr. Black said just about every physical therapist in the county already has his cell phone number and can call anytime, but this new access adds another dimension to quality care.

Therapists can walk directly over and talk to us about patient questions, he said. If a wound looks funny or theres anything the therapist wants to talk about or show us, we can just walk over and look.

Added safety for staff and patients

Every patient who visits the Frisco clinic will get their temperature taken upon arrival. All patients and staff are required to wear face masks in the clinic (the clinic will provide masks for patients who need them).

Patients will also go straight to a private room to wait for their doctor rather than sit in a waiting room with others, Dr. Black said. All surfaces and equipment are also being frequently sanitized.

Weve done our best to keep everyone away from any interaction that isnt necessary, Dr. Black said. Some of my patients have said this feels like the safest place theyve been to in the county.

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