Stem Cell Therapy Chicago Illinois, Buffalo Grove …


Regenerative revolutionary cord blood stem cell therapies along with PRP therapy that are effective, nonsteroidal, outpatient & repair damaged tissue.

Repair and regenerate damaged joints, tendons, ligaments and cartilage from sports injuries or arthritis. Back and neck pain, COPD, Kidney/Heart Failure and more!

Your most common questions answered about cord blood regenerative therapies and how they can help you obtain relief, increase function and avoid potentially risky surgery.

Avoid Surgery with Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Therapy and PRP (888) 885-8675! At Regenerative Care Clinics of Illinois

I wanted to avoid joint replacement since my first one resulted in a scary blood clot. Had the procedure 6 months ago - no pain since!*

Theresa M, Phoenix AZ

I had it done on my knee and it worked great.*

David G, Oroville CA

Had stem cells in both knees years ago. Still have not had to have two total knees that I had been told to do since both were bone on bone!*

Gayle F, Cape Coral Florida

I know about these clinics. Know some treated people who could not move without severe pain..they now lead a miraculously beautiful life..amazing stories.*

Gail M, Palm Springs CA





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Stem Cell Therapy Chicago Illinois, Buffalo Grove ...

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