Adult Stem Cell Therapy in Utah Docere Clinics

Stem cells, specifically mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), have been called patient-specific drug stores for injured tissues because of their broad range of healing abilities. MSCs are directly responsible for healing damaged tissues after injury. Upon encountering damaged tissue, they release proteins that decrease inflammation, kill invading microbes, and trigger the growth of new connective tissues and blood vessels.In the case of severe damage and cell death, MSCs have the ability to turn into healthy versions of damaged or destroyed cells that they encounter.

When we take MSCs from your own bone marrow, from your own fat, or from both, concentrate and/or isolate them, and then inject them directly into your problem area, we trick your body into thinking that there has been a new injury without actually causing any tissue insult, and you get a second chance at healing. In the case of advanced osteoarthritis where the population of stem cells has been depleted, we are repopulating the area with stem cells, and thereby restoring the bodys natural ability to heal itself.

Docere Clinics is an affiliate member of the Cell Surgical Network(CSN).It is the belief of the CSN that the most ethical approach to stem cell therapy is under the umbrella of IRB approved research protocols. An IRB is an Institutional Review Board;a committee responsible for approving and overseeing research on humans. IRBs are approved under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Human Research Protection. As such, our patients understand the investigational nature of our activities, are provided appropriate informed consents, and are followed continuously on an online database to chart their progress or any issues of concern. The efforts of the CSN will provide safety data,demonstrate effectiveness of treatments, and help to improve treatment programs going forward.

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Adult Stem Cell Therapy in Utah Docere Clinics

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