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Another grueling day isnt even close to finished, but your smartphone battery is already more drained than you are. While iPhones and Android devices have built-in battery analyzers, they offer limited information. These apps give you the power to know why your battery is losing strength and lets you take steps to extend its life.

(iOS, Android; free)

One of the few battery apps available in versions for both iPhones and Android devices, Battery HD+ is less of a battery analyzer that it is a battery predictor it tells you how much juice you have left for various tasks. For example, you mighthave power for several hours of internet browsing but far less if you want to watch a video. Battery HD+ calibrates itself to your specific phone to give better estimates of battery time remaining.

(Android; free)

AccuBattery provides detailed statistics on discharging speed, foreground app usage and general battery health without guesswork. Is an ad-heavy app draining too much power over time? AccuBattery can help you find the offending apps that use too much juice and mighthelp you efficiently run your phone longer. AccuBattery also helps in determining whether its not really power-hungry apps that are the problem. It will tell you if your battery may simply need replacing.

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(Android; free)

This app from giant anti-virus software maker Avast gets proactive: It finds those power-mad apps running in the background and if you are not using them, it stops them. (Dont worry: They can be easily restarted when you need them.) Avast says its app can help you get 20 percent more out of your battery, so youll be charging a lot less.

(iOS; free)

While newer versions of iOS have a very good stockBattery Health feature, this app drills down farther to examine and analyze your phones battery and make a decision whether it is healthy or failing. It will also tell you how much time you have left to run various tasks. The apps features and effectiveness vary depending on which iPhone and iOS version you have.

John Montgomery contributed to this story.

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Tech review: Apps that enhance cellphone battery performance - Newsday

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