Adult Stem Cell Banks and Clinics Marketing Stem Cell …

How many clinics in Texas market stem cell procedures? What interventions do they promote? How many adult stem cell banks are located in Texas? How do they advertise their services?

There does not appear to be a comprehensive record of stem cell banks and clinics marketing stem cell procedures within the state of Texas. I am therefore trying to determine how many stem cell banks and clinics marketing stem cells in Texas can be found using an approach that a patient or customer might take when searching the Internet. In an effort to locate such businesses, I used Google search engine and entered such terms as stem cells Texas, stem cell clinics Texas, cosmetic surgery stem cell Texas, orthopedic surgery stem cell clinic Texas, and anti-aging stem cells Texas. In total, I found twenty businesses marketing what they describe as stem cell procedures as well as three stem cell banks. During my search I also noticed and recorded a spa marketing plant stem cells and a dentist who advertises dental stem cell storage. Most facilities market what they describe as adult stem cell procedures. However, I found one clinic advertising stem cells taken from amniotic fluid and another facility promoting bovine stem cells to prospective customers. While Im skeptical that Ive managed to find all such businesses, the list below documents at least some of the businesses currently banking adult stem cells or promoting stem cell procedures in Texas. If you are familiar with additional banks and clinics or identify any errors in my list please feel welcome to leave a comment and help me revise this list.

Finally, please note that this list is provided to assist with the process of identifying and tracking stem cell banks in Texas as well as businesses marketing stem cells. I am not recommending or promoting any of these businesses. See FDA Warns About Stem Cell Claims for an important public safety message concerning marketing of stem cell procedures.


1. Advanced Skin Fitness

Location: Dallas-Fort Worth

Summary: markets iRevival and Vampire Facelift procedures intended to promote stem cell rejuvenation

Excerpt: Stem Cell Treatments: iRevival, Vampire Facelift. What if you could experience an utterly transformative change to your facial appearance in just a single skin rejuvenation treatmentwithout surgery or general anesthesia? Its now possible in a revolutionary procedure exclusive to patients of Advanced Skin Fitness located in Dallas, Texas. Created by Clinical Director William A. Moore, the treatment utilizes a combination of proven technologies of fractional laser resurfacing and stem cell technology to create unprecedented results in a fraction of the time of other techniques.

2. Advanced Surgical Arts

Location: Plano

Summary: markets Vampire Facelift that includes unipotent stem cells for skin rejuvenation

Excerpt: The Vampire Facelift combines the science of hyalurnonic acid (HA) fillers for volume replacement with unipotent stem cells for skin rejuvenation to provide a custom designer procedure. The stem cells used in the procedure, which are from Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), only require a blood draw similar to a basic lab test. The HA fillers provide an increase in volume and sculpt the face, while the PRP works to rejuvenate the surface of the skin. The reason this minimally invasive procedure is so revolutionary is because the PRP contains eight growth factors that work over an extended period of time to stimulate new collagen growth from within.

3. Arilile Cosmetics Weight Loss & Body Sculpting

Location: DeSoto

Summary: markets various adult stem cell interventions

Excerpt: Aralile Stem Cell Institute & Research Center Specializing in Research and Training for Stem Cell Treatment for various Medical Conditions. Adult Stem Cells are repair cells of the body found mainly in the fat stores of the body. There are 80 million stems cells in a childs body. This amount is reduced to 35 million stem cells in circulation by age 40. Stem cell therapy increases these numbers adding millions of stem cells back into the bodys circulation. This serves to benefit various medical conditions such as; Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Alzheimers Disease, Body Rejuvenation, Joint Pains, Parkinsons Disease, CVA (Stroke), Hypertension, Systemic Lupus, Anti Aging Benefits. Physician Testimony on Adult Stem cell therapy: I am Doctor Benedict Olusola, a 2004 gold and bronze medalist at the World Health Games and Masters Triple Jump champion. Three (3) years ago in Boston, at the master indoor championship I ruptured my knee cap ligament resulting in knee surgery. Eight months ago I received Stem Cell Therapy, using my own stem cells,now I am jumping again, more energetic, my vision has improvedand so has my golf game, producing more 300 yard drives and am on my way to winning more medals. Stem cell therapy has been shown to alleviate the symptomsin a number of medical conditions, including arthritis, diabetes with anti-aging benefits. Call for a free consultation today and find out what stem cell therapy can do for you. This procedure is not FDA approved and results and outcomes may vary. Please visit our website to learn more.

4. Austin Aesthetics

Location: Austin

Summary: markets skin stem cells obtained from bovine amniotic fluid

Excerpt: I first introduced Stem Cell therapy for the skin in 2000 in my aesthetic center in Austin, Texas. I used the products exclusively for approximately two years. The use of this therapy clearly took 20 years off the looks of my skin. Due to various political reasons and FDA involvement, this therapy was not available for several years so I was unable to continue to offer it to my clients or to continue its use for me and my family. The good news is that since then, science has progressed rapidly and we have recently been given the opportunity to offer to our clients the newer technology available today. The new and advanced CryoStem Cell Therapy provides serums that encompass every element and constituent of skin including collagen, hyaluronic acid (a component of collagen), elastin, DNA, RNA(i), fibroblasts, lipids, and embryonic stem cells. Because of the science of stem cells, your existing skin will replicate the condition of the applied new cells so that your new skin should be as flawless as when you were younger. This biological reprogramming creates the perfect environment for future generations of fresh, younger skin. The skin looks younger because, technically, it is younger. The CryoStem Skin Therapy System consists of 100% organic, chemical and preservative free ingredients and formulations. Stem cells are from a bovine source. DNA CryoStem technology is approved and registered by the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The skin stem cells are obtained from bovine (cow) amniotic fluid. A special herd of bovines are raised under pristine and controlled conditions in France. These free-range bovines are organically fed, nurtured, and no vaccines or hormones are administered to ensure the highest standards of health and care. An innovative and proprietary collection process is utilized to extract the amniotic fluid under absolute sterile conditions and strict European governmental supervision. The extractions are carefully timed in order to achieve maximum amounts of stem cells, which have not become specific to the bovine genetic composition but contain the DNA information to convert to human genetic composition, specifically that of human skin. Science already knows that animal cultivated organs, such as pig heart valves, have made medical history and miracles while co-existing with the human body once implanted. This compatibility also applies to human skin. The cells are cryogenically (frozen) preserved. Keeping cells at freezing temperature permits them to hibernate and retain their energetic life-force and therapeutic value. This process allows the stem cells to stay fresh and active. Once the final product is created, the stem cells are frozen in individual ampoules for shipment, and the ampoule is kept frozen until the time of application/treatment. Extensive clinical studies and test have been conducted on the DNA CryoStem Skin Therapy System, and it meets the strictest consumer safety standards. It has been proven that a young cell coming into contact with an old cell leads to the reprogramming of the old cell. This reprogramming is made possible because of a cells power to share genetic information via DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). When the skin stem cells come into contact (topically) with living human skin, the reintroduction of young, strong and powerful DNA begins to reorganize and share its biologically flawless information with existing aged and/or damaged cells. By means of this sharing of information, the future generations of skin will regenerate much stronger and younger looking. The skin stem cells, with correct DNA information, are in a cellular serum rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fats, enzymes, and natural antioxidants. These substances immediately start interacting with the skin, thus repairing free radical damage and creating moisture reserves, protein synthesis-promoting collagen, and elastin, as well as, performing other beneficial actions. The results are virtually immediate. You will see a change in the skin after the first session. Only a licensed skin care professional who has been approved and trained by the DNA Health Institue, Cryogenic Division, Certified DNA Practitioner (C.D.P.) can administer the CryoStem treatment. (We have four certified practitioners at Austin Aesthetics.)

5. Center for Spine Care

Location: Dallas

Summary: markets mesenchymal stem cell procedures for individuals with back and/or neck pain

Excerpt: CSC IS FIRST IN DALLAS TO LAUNCHREVOLUTIONARY STEM CELL THERAPY TO PROMOTE NATURAL HEALING FOR BACK PAIN. A ground-breaking new treatment utilizing mesenchymal stem cells to treat patients with neck and back pain caused from degenerative disc disease, is being used at the Center for Spine Care in Dallas. Mesenchymal stem cells are harvested from the patients hip bone, processed and then injected into the painful tissue during the same procedure. These particular cells have regenerative properties, helping to promote natural healing within the damaged disc or joint. There is no surgical exposure, damage to normal tissues or loss of motion in the spine. Spine surgeon & clinical researcher John Peloza, M.D., Medical Director of the Center for Spine Care, and the first in Dallas to utilize the treatment, is seeing great promise with pain relief for patients with degenerative disc disease. A pioneer in modern spine treatments, Dr. Peloza has been using mesenchymal stem cell therapy for years to promote bone growth in patients undergoing minimally invasive spine stabilization. This new technique has the potential to heal damaged or degenerative discs and joints with a biologic solution rather than major surgery. Stem cell therapy can be performed safely in an ambulatory surgery center under conscious sedation in most cases, in about 30 minutes. Patients who are now considered fusion or disc replacement candidates may be treated effectively with this new technology. Dr. Peloza states the preliminary data is impressive which is generating significant interest. As we study this technology and gain further understanding, we hope to expand the indications in order to treat more spinal conditions. Dr. Peloza cautions that while the procedure may be described as simple, only highly-trained spine surgeons should be performing it. This is modern scientific spine technology, and only board certified, fellowship trained spine surgeons who understand the science of stem cells, know the indications and contra-indications of the technology, and know how to treat potential complications should be performing stem cell therapy on the spine. It is important to know where stem cells fit in the continuum of care in spine treatments. This requires physicians who carefully research their outcomes with evidence based medicine.

6. CHARM (Center for Healing and Regenerative Medicine)

Location: Austin

Summary: markets mesenchymal stem cells for patients with musculoskeletal injuries

Excerpt: Our mission at the Center for Healing and Regenerative Medicine (CHARM) is to provide comprehensive, integrated therapeutic techniques to promote tissue regeneration and repair for individuals with musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) are derived from the patients own fat tissue and bone marrow. Techniques are being studied to take advantage of the powerful repair that stem cells can produce. The use of the patients own tissues eliminates the issues of allergic reaction, genetic tissue interchange, rejection of tissue transplantation, and unintended or unknown infectious agents that would be a potential risk using tissue derived from another person. The ethical consequences of using embryonic fetal cell tissues are also completely avoided. Stem cells may be harvested from both bone marrow and adipose tissue, combined with Platelet-Rich Plasma, injected within and around the joint to produce a potentially more powerful strategy for growth and repair of complex injuries.

7. Dr. Henry Mentz

Location: Houston (Galleria/River Oaks, Memorial & Surgery Center)

Summary: markets stem cell-rich fat grafting

Excerpt: Dr. Mentz uses stem cellenriched fat grafting to restore the fullness and soft contours that characterize a younger face. The procedure achieves the following appearance goals: Restores volume to flattened cheeks and other sunken or thin areas of the face; Greatly diminishes wrinkles and folds such as the nasolabial folds that stretch from the bottom of the nose to the corners of the mouth, and the marionette lines that run downwards from the corners of the mouth; Enhances the shape and fullness of the lips. In addition, fat grafting can be used to rejuvenate and improve the look of other areas of the body. Like the face, the hands reflect some of the most visible signs of aging due to sun exposure and a loss of fat. Fat grafting can be used to restore a youthful look to hands by diminishing the prominence of bones, tendons, and veins. In body contouring, Dr. Mentz utilizes fat grafts to improve the shape of the buttocks and calves. The Benefits of Stem Cell-Enriched Fat Grafting: May rejuvenate the skins tone and texture; Produces a natural look; Potentially long-lasting; Minimal risk of allergic reaction because fat comes from a patients own body. Though fat grafting has been a part of plastic surgery for decades, the innovative use of stem-cells to enrich the grafts holds the potential to revolutionize this procedure. Dr. Mentz has been actively working with the nations leading stem cell researchers to mobilize the powerful characteristics of stem cells to increase the facial rejuvenation benefits of fat grafting. Stem cells have the unique ability to regenerate themselves and to repair damaged tissues in the body. Because of this characteristic, the cells may also have the power to rejuvenate the skins tone and texture. Though these benefits have not been proven, stem cells do enhance the survival rate of fat, which can be long-lasting.

8. East Texas Institute for Executive Health

Location: Tyler

Summary: markets adipose derived orthopedic stem cell procedures and stem cell facelift

Excerpt: Adipose Derived Orthopedic Stem Cell. Most people have heard about stem cells. Those are cells in your body that can grow into any other cell that your body needs. Most people think that only babies have them but in the last 4 years they have discovered that we all have a plentiful supply of these types of cells in the fat of our bodies. We have now learned how to harvest those cells from your fat, activate them and then put them back in your knees, hips, and shoulders to help repair cartilage and ligaments. Its done as an out patient procedure; It is not covered by insurance; Not everyone is a candidate. So call Executive Health to come in for a free consultation to see if you are one of the lucky people that this might help. We already have people who are walking around with no pain. By the way, you ladies, we also have a stem cell face lift that can make your face look about 20 years younger.

9. Escobedo Esthetics

Location: Austin

Summary: markets stem cell facelift

Excerpt: The PRP-BMAStem Cell Facelift exclusively at Escobedo Esthetics may sound like a mouthful it is a simple and natural procedure that uses 3 types of extracted stem cells from the bone marrow and platelet rich plasma from the blood to naturally stimulate tissue and collagen growth in key areas where aging is found in the skin. The term PRP stands for platelet rich plasma, a common healing component found in our blood. BMA signigies (sic) bone marrow aspirate, which includes all 3 bone marrow stem cells: mesenchymal, hematopoetic, and endothelial variations. The unique combination of BMA stem cells and plasma create an ultra enriched healing formula which works to stimulate faster tissue, collagen, and blood vessel growth. Patients undergoing this treatment can expect smoother, thicker, and healthier skin appearance and even texture with continuously improving results for up to two years. Synthetic dermal fillers are not for everyone. I truly recommend the PRP-BMA Stem Cell Facelift for those looking for a natural, permanent solution to regaining their youth. One hour with stem cell and plasma therapy can reverse over 10 years or more of aging in just a few months.- Dr. Michael Escobedo. Further, I cannot explain the dramatic changes the skin undergoes to correct that the severe damage done to skin as a result of aging. Mesenchymal and hematopoetic stem cells derived from bone marrow and plasma have also recently been used as a breakthrough treatment for people suffering from arthritis and sports related injuries. Stem cells are a key factor in natural healing in that stem cells will replicate into the cells of which they are injected. By injecting them into aging skin, the stem cells replicated into new, healthy skin cells which give the appearance to a younger look in the patient.

10. Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas

Location: Grapevine

Summary: markets stem cell procedures for foot and ankle injuries. Stem cells are obtained from amniotic fluid retrieved from mothers undergoing C-sections.

Excerpt: Stem cell research reaches your feet in a new product called AmnioMatrix. For a very long time, I have been watching the stem cell research and debates and patiently (not really) waiting for a useful application in the foot and ankle. My blog today is to tell you about the patients I have used it on and their success. I began to use it in my practice last December with skeptical ideas on how successful it could be. Ive been pleasantly surprised at the results. Lets start with what the stem cells are. I use AmnioMatrix. This is amniotic fluid taken from mothers who have consented to have the fluid removed during C-sections. There is absolutely no harm to mom or baby and this is not done prior to birth. The fluid is then cryopreserved with no additives keeping the cells live for use when they are thawed and injected. So why these cells? Their job in the baby making process is to protect the fetus and help with development. When you hear the term my water broke, thats amniotic fluid. When placed in an adult to the site of an injury or chronic pain area, these cells recognize what is missing or not normal and begin a healing process. If you want to read more of about this, Applied Biologics will answer a lot of questions. So lets talk about some patients that have benefitted from this product.

11. Foot Specialists of Cedar Park and Georgetown

Location: Cedar Park and Georgetown

Summary: markets adult stem cell procedures for foot and ankle

Excerpt: Celling Technologies Res-Q system promotes the regeneration of tissue in foot and ankle procedures by delivering a highly concentrated volume of your own adult stem cells. The cells are obtained through a painless technique, which is part of the procedure, and can be completed within minutes. Your own stem cells are then concentrated through a patented process and delivered back to the injured site to facilitate in the bodys natural healing process. Over the last decade there has been an explosion of studies examining the use of adult stem cells to treat a variety of orthopedic conditions ranging from soft tissue loss and cartilage defects to bone loss due to trauma or tumor removal. Clinical data has demonstrated the ability of adult stem cells to treat long bone fractures that failed to heal, known as non-unions. Although these types of fractures have failed to respond to other treatments, an injection of stem cells has resulted in new bone formation and fracture healing. Soft tissue repair, especially at the ligament or tendon reattachment to bone can also lead to incomplete or compromised healing. Adult stem cells have been shown to promote the healing of soft tissues such as the Achilles tendon, the rotator cuff ligaments of the shoulder and the meniscus of the knee. Stem cells have far reaching and promising applications in the orthopedic and podiatric field. Researchers and clinicians believe the early introduction of stem cells to an injury could result in the prevention of major surgery such as total joint replacement. By infusing the injured or damaged tissue with undifferentiated stem cells from your own body, your podiatrist will be rejuvenating the cell population at the site of injection. This combined with the right physical therapy will lead to a full repair and regeneration of the tissue giving it back its proper function.

12. Forest Park Medical Center (Dr. Rob D. Dickerman)

Location: Plano and McKiney

Summary: autologous stem cells used in spinal fusions

Excerpt: Now, with technology, we can pull the bone marrow directly from the hip, concentrate it to get more stem cells, put it inside of a cage to hold it, then it does its job. Its like a cinder block that you build houses on, and you pack concrete inside the cinder block. Were packing stem cells inside this cage and then it grows from bone to bone through the cage.

13. Houston Orthopedic & Spine Hospital (Dr. Chris Meyer)

Previously called Foundation Surgical Hospital

Location: Bellaire

Summary: adult stem cells used in orthopedic procedures

Excerpt: Spine surgeon, Dr. Chris Meyer with Houston Orthopedic & Spine Hospital has established himself as a leader of utilizing adult stem cell therapy to regenerate tissue. He has extensive experience in harvesting adult stem cells during a routine spinal procedure and delivering those cells to his patients to aid in the treatment of severe back pain. During the procedure, bone marrow is aspirated from the iliac crest (pelvis), and then processed in a cell concentration system. The system, from Austin-based biotech company, Celling Technologies, concentrates bone marrow allowing the desired cells to be delivered back to the patient. The surgeon is then able to deliver wound-healing cells directly back to the injured site. These cells will release growth factors, immune responses and have the potential to develop into new bone forming cells as well as stimulate other cells to participate in the healing process.

14. MedSpa21

Location: Houston

Summary: markets stem cell enhanced cosmetic surgery and stem cell storage

Excerpt: Dr. Marino also has added stem cell therapy to all invasive procedures using PRP or platelet rich plasma.PRP aids in healing and helps to reduce scarring and helps to increase cell turnover. Dr. Marinos Stem Cell Enhanced Facial Volume Restoration, uses a patients fat tissue and her own blood, which are rich sources of stem cells and regenerative cells, to provide women the option of restoring a more youthful facial appearance without the use of synthetic implants. Volume loss in the face is a normal part of aging and adding your own fat with your own stem cells can help turn back the hands of time. Dr. Marino is pleased to be the first surgeon in Houston to offer stem cell storage through CRYO-LIP. You can find out detailed information on their website. With as little as 25 ccs of your fat, CRYO-LIP can harvest your stem cells and differentiate them to make just what your body needs later in life and no matter how old you are, the stem cells stay at the age you were when they were collected. Stem cell research has exploded over the past 20 years and stem cells with or without fat have been used successfully in the treatment of osteoarthritis (regenerates cartilage), after major heart attacks (regenerates heart muscle), diabetes Type I (regenerates insulin producing cells), Parkinsons Disease (regenerates substantiaNigra in the brain), urinary incontinence (injected with fat to support the urethra and anterior vaginal wall), sexual enhancement (injected vaginally to enhance G-spot and to reduce vaginal wall laxity without major reconstructive surgery and injected into the male penis to enhance penile length and diameter), and studies are ongoing for treatment of brain injury, both in adults and newborns. Cryo-Lip is a well established bank that provides viability studies on all fat specimens received both on initial processing and again after freezing. Their method of freezing the cells has produced one of the highest rates of viability upon thawing. The stem cells and fat that are frozen can be used for cosmetic augmentation or by other physician specialties, including interventional cardiologists and orthopedic surgeons, as well as physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists. Cryo-Lip stores fat in 25cc, 50cc, and up to 300cc aliquots with a nominal yearly storage fee. Life is unpredictable and this particular investment insures that your own stem cells are available for you at any time during your life on earth.

15. Neurosurgical Associates of San Antonio

Location: San Antonio

Summary: stem cells used in spinal fusions

Excerpt: For the first time stem cells are being used to aid in spinal fusion. This new technology is now available in San Antonio only at Methodist Hospital. Dr. Robert Johnson, a San Antonio orthopedic spinal surgeon was one of the first physicians in Texas (the U.S.?) to use the new technology. Using a newly developed needle, bone marrow is extracted from the pelvic or hip areas of the patient. Then the bone marrow is placed into a centrifuge that separates the stem cells and concentrates them from five to seven times their normal strength. Approximately eight to ten cc of liquid stem cells are produced. The stem cells are packed around the bone graft and the spinal column to promote fusion.

16. Neurosurgical Associates of Texarkana

Location: Texarkana

Summary: adult stem cells used in spine surgeries

Excerpt: A new breakthrough in adult stem cell technology has three Texarkana neurosurgeons leading their industry by utilizing concentrated stem cells for spine surgery. Dr. Lee Buono, Dr. Freddie Contreras, and Dr. J. Brette Dietze of Texarkana Neurological Associates are using the new procedure that harnesses the healing potential of adult stem cells from a patients own body. During surgeries for the neck and back, bone marrow is extracted from the hip through a small incision. The marrow is processed by an FDA-approved device and the living cells are delivered back to the surgeon in a concentrated dose to be implanted back into a patient to promote healing. This procedure is on the cutting edge of regenerative spine surgeries; it is a resource that must be considered as a standard for healing, Dr. Buono said. Dr. Dietze adds, Biological graft materials have become a standard accessory in neurosurgery autologous iliac crest autograft being the gold standard. Autologous bone graft is likely traumatic and time-consuming. My personal commitment to my patients to offer the most current advancements and treatment options is also an expectation held unanimous by Texarkana Neurological Associates. This surgical approach is without arguments on the cutting edge; the potential outcomes utilizing this technology may create an option for even the most critical patient. This is minimally invasive, efficient, safe and effective. The concentrations of endothelial progenitor cells, hematopoietic stem cells, and mesenchymal stem cells have adhesion properties that ensure the cells remain localized where we need them to promote tissue growth and healing.. As a neurosurgeon, I pride myself on the ability to offer my patient the most current, and proven, procedures. I am utilizing BMAC(R) from Harvest Technologies, which is truly on the cutting edge of medical technology, highly credible research from respected surgeons and top-tier institutions support its potential advantage to aid in faster healing time and favorable postoperative outcomes. BMAC(R) provides an efficacious, minimally invasive system to utilize a patients autologous bone marrow, which science has shown to contain high numbers of adult stem cells. By concentrating these cells safely, and quickly, I can measurably increase the potential to possibly achieve exceptional outcomes. I have always committed to provide a level of skill, knowledge and care to compete with anyone in the country; I believe this product could greatly improve a patients own natural healing potential, and positively impact their quality of life, said Dr. Contreras. As the population ages, incidents of spinal degeneration will likely continue to increase. The potential of stem cells and regenerative medicine is virtually limitless for treatments of degenerative diseases since adult stem cells have the remarkable potential to differentiate and become new tissues such as bone, tendon, cartilage and heart muscle.

17. Pine Creek Medical Center

Location: Dallas

Summary: adult stem cells used in spinal surgeries

Excerpt: Spine surgeons at Pine Creek Medical Center in Dallas have established themselves as the leaders of a cutting-edge surgical procedure that utilizes a patients own adult stem cells to regenerate tissue. Doctors Douglas Won, Michael Rimlawi, and Francisco J. Battle, all spine surgeons, have extensive experience in harvesting adult stem cells during routine spinal procedures and delivering those cells back to their patients to aid in the treatment of severe back pain. The advancing technology in stem cell therapy is driving spine surgeons to look at different approaches to what has been considered the standard of care, says Won. The latest Fusionary procedure allows me to harvest the stem cells from the patient in a point of care process in the operating room during my routine spinal procedure. We not only deliver these tissue-forming adult stem cells back to the patient in a timely manner, but the pain of harvesting the cells is minimal.Adult stem cells have the remarkable potential to differentiate and become new tissue-forming cells in a variety of pathologies including bone, tendon, cartilage and heart muscle. The potential of stem cells in regenerative medicine is virtually limitless and is being studied for a host of treatments throughout the world today. In addition, the technology is now available to procure adult stem cells from bone marrow and adipose tissue without the challenging ethical issues that are often associated with embryonic stem cells. The medical community is now starting to take notice of the impact stem cells have on the future of medicine, says Rimlawi. Science has demonstrated the huge potential of stem cells in regenerative medicine and now the technologies are available to deliver these therapies to the patient. This breakthrough shows promising results and should ultimately lower costs. These therapies will become the standard of care in the future.

18. The Non-Surgical Center of Texas

Location: San Antonio

Summary: markets stem cell therapies

Excerpt: There are a wide variety of non-surgical interventions that may be prescribed for many conditions, either eliminating the need for surgery or significantly postponing it. Each treatment plan is individualized to address the needs of the patient. As an experienced Physiatrist, Dr. Zaharoff may recommend a combination of treatments. Treatment plans may include the use ofStem Cell Therapies.

19. United Neurology (Dr. Jamshid Lotfi)

Location: Houston

Summary: stem cells distributed to United Neurology by Celltex Therapeutics are injected and/or infused into individuals with multiple sclerosis and Parkinsons disease

Comment: United Neurology does not appear to overtly promote stem cell interventions. However, some individuals who have cells banked and processed by Celltex Therapeutics receive stem cell infusions and injections at United Neurology. Dr. Lotfi, one of two physicians associated with United Neurology, reports that he has administered stem cells expanded and banked by Celltex to patients with multiple sclerosis as well as individuals with Parkinsons disease.

20. Westlake Orthopaedics Spine and Sports (Dr. Scott Spann)

Location: Austin

Summary: adult stem cells used in orthopedic procedures

Excerpt: Dr. Scott Spann, board-certified orthopedic surgeon, autologous (adult) stem cell expert, former world-class athlete and recovered quadriplegic is an inspiring force and a living example of the transformative power of the human spirit. He is an innovator and leader in the worlds of minimally invasive spinal surgery and clinical stem cell use, as well as an advocate for the implementation of integrated healthcare. In the fall of 2005, a cycling accident left Dr. Spann a quadriplegic. During his recovery, Dr. Spann began to research stem cells. At the time their use was brand new in the world of clinical medicine and not readily available to patients in the United States. But the deeper and deeper he delved, the more impassioned Dr. Spann became about the potential benefits of utilizing autologous stem cells. This, he knew, would reshape the possible. Since then Dr. Spann has become a world leader in the clinical use of adult stem cells, performing surgeries and providing instruction and consultations around the globe.


1. BioEdEN Tooth Cell Bank

Location: Austin, Texas (tooth stem cell bank with company headquartered in UK)

Summary: banks stem cells obtained from teeth

Excerpt: Pioneered by BioEDEN, tooth cell banking is a safe, natural and completely noninvasive method of collecting and preserving valuable stem cells which could hold the key to your childs health. There are no medical interventions required and no religious or ethical objections to overcome. The worlds first specialist tooth cell banking company, BioEDEN offers a simple, yet highly efficient method of collecting, isolating and storing these powerful baby tooth cells should they ever be heeded in the future. Tooth cell banking is a proactive decision being made by parents all over the world who recognize years of potential health benefits for their child in return for simply saving their baby teeth. You can not store these teeth yourself at home. BioEDEN has a patented process for the extraction of stem cells from teeth. This highly developed and validated process is specific for the isolation, assessment and storage of the cells themselves and is the product of several years of development work.

2. BioLife Cell Bank

Location: Dallas (stem cell bank with affiliated physicians in Texas and other U.S. states)

Summary: banks fat tissue and stem cells and makes banked stem cells available to network of physicians

Excerpt: BioLife Cell Bank offers a unique way to safely and affordably storefat (adipose tissue) and/orregenerative and stemcells. Until now, fat from liposuction has been thrown away as medical waste. But thanks to our breakthrough technology, these youthful cells are maintained over an entire lifetimefor use in: wound care,breastreconstruction andaugmentation, facelift, anti-aging and stem cell therapy,etc. Surgeons are utilizing fat as a natural filler (rather than synthetics such as Juvederm, Restalyne or Sculptra)forcosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Using fat from the patients own body (fat grafting or fat transfer) removes any risk of foreign materials being introducedprotecting patient safety. The fat banking and stem cell banking process is simple. Fat and the stem cells within it are acquired via liposuction,thenprocessed and stored using cryopreservation.If desired, adult stem cells maybe processedseparating the stem and regenerative cells for cryogenic preservation. The first and largest bank of its kind, BioLife features proprietary technologyoffering exclusivity and the most modern advances. Located in Dallas, Texas, BioLife serves patients throughout theUnited States and Canada with an extensive provider network. By creating your own repository of fat and/or stem cells, theyll be ready any time (whether in days or decades)to use in a variety of cosmetic procedures, therapeutic treatmentsor unanticipatedreconstructive surgeries.

3. Celltex Therapeutics

Location: Sugar Land

Summary: processes, expands, and banks stem cells obtained from adipose tissue and distributes stem cells to physicians who inject and/or infuse them into patients with multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons disease, and other illnesses

Excerpt: Celltex is focused on making it easy for individuals to bank their stem cells for potential future use. Much like banking your money for use in the future, banking your adult stem cells provides peace of mind should you need them quickly when you least expect it. Celltex is a leader in providing services for the rapidly expanding field of regenerative medicine. Specifically, Celltex precisely separates, multiplies and stores adult adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells for autologous use by physicians. This means that an individuals fat (adipose) is the source of their adult stem cells, which are used only for that individual and never for any other person.

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