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The Denver, CO based Denver Regenerative Medicine | Stem Cell Therapy, HRT, Testosterone Clinic (DRM) has been looking into PRP and stem cell treatments to determine which one of the two is more effective in any given situation. They provide a wide variety of treatments for a similarly wide range of problems and constantly commit research into which treatments are more effective for certain ailments. DRM specializes in highly advanced stem cell treatments.

The clinic has pioneered several unique treatment methods over the years. Their well-known AcCELLerate stem cell regeneration system, which was discovered and developed in-house, uses the patients own platelet-rich plasma to create a powerful mixture of activated stem cells and platelets. PRP therapy is then added to the mixture, which causes the stem cells to activate immediately.

Experience has shown that patients who receive our unique combination of activated platelets and Stem Cells, our AcCELLerate Stem Cell regeneration system, begin to notice results approximately 30% sooner when compared to patients that have received just stem cells without platelets, says the clinic. Additionally, those same patients show sustained improvement over a longer period of time. As a leading Denver PRP therapy and stem cell injection clinic, DRM has the knowledge and experience to help you heal naturally with AcCELLerate therapy.

Denver Regenerative Medicine was one of the first clinics in Denver to provide advanced stem cell therapy treatments along with alternatives to conventional intervention techniques. When done correctly, stem cell therapy injections in the knees, shoulders and other joints may serve as a better option than surgery for many patients. Stem cell therapy offers many advantages over surgery, such as faster recovery, much less pain, lower costs and less of a need for a sling or cast.

Stem cells are self-renewing and can grow into any type of cell needed by your body, says Denver Regenerative Medicine. Our regenerative medicine clinic in Denvers adult stem cell therapies use your own cells to create a customized treatment regimen that is readily accepted by your body. This can reduce the risk of rejection of these healing cells and can boost your own natural rejuvenating capabilities.

Anyone looking to boost their general health and vitality may be interested in Denver Regenerative Medicines Rejuvenate Therapy. Combining stem cell therapy and hormone replacement therapy, Rejuvenate therapy aims to combat the ailments caused by hormone imbalance (which often result from stress, toxins and a number of other natural factors) as well as reverse the effects of aging in the body. The clinics hormone replacement specialists know and understand how hormone imbalance can affect both men and women and lead to myriad ailments. Rejuvenate aims to fix these issues and restore the patients strength and vigor. Read about the clinic and some of their other procedures here: Denver Regenerative Medicine | Stem Cell Therapy, HRT, Testosterone Clinic.

Many of Denvers residents have already visited the clinic seeking treatment for any of a variety of problems. I wrecked my knees 30+ years ago, and my insurance has refused to do anything, says a patient named Mike Snider in a 5-Star Google review. I also developed Osteo-Arthritis in my thumbs. I went to Denver Regenerative in February and started the procedures on all four joints. When I went the first time I had to use the handrail to go up and down stairs and it was still painful. Now I do the stairs and very seldom use the handrail. My knees are about 90-95% now and my hands closer to 75-80% but overall much better. Dr. Gershon and the whole staff have been just great. I highly recommend using them to get relief.

Another patient, in a 5-Star review on the same platform, says, Excellent results for both knees. Six months ago, I had my stem cells injected in both knees. I could not sit in a cross leg position or climb a ladder or hike for more than 15 minutes. Dr. Gershon and stem cells healed my issues, and now I have no more pain and can hike, sit in a cross leg seated position and climb without pain or worry.

Denver Regenerative Medicine encourages those interested in the clinics many treatments to get in touch at their earliest convenience. Dr. Joel Cherdack is available to respond to any further inquiries. Visit their Google Maps page at the following link: Our Google Maps Listing.


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Denver Clinic Explores PRP Vs. Stem Cell Treatments And Choosing What Will Help Most - Press Release - Digital Journal

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