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What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)? It is an emerging biologic tool in orthopedic and regenerative medicine. Platelets may be small in size but they are an intricate part of the bodys healing process. When injury occurs, one of the first repair cells to travel to the injury site are platelets. Platelets are rich in many different growth factors. These growth factors help attract other repair cells to the injured area. These repair cells are thought to stimulate the healing process. By increasing the concentration of platelets (platelet rich plasma PRP) in the injury site (tendon, ligament, muscle tear or joint) physicians attempt to encourage tissue healing. If you are looking for platelet rich plasma injections in Houston, youve come to the right place! We have years of experience in platelet rich plasma treatments and use the latest procedures including advanced ultrasound-guided injection techniques.

The centrifuge separates and concentrates the plasma up to 10X normal solution.

How is the Procedure Process?First, blood is drawn from the patients arm, and is placed into a special centrifuge which concentrates the platelets up to 10X baseline strength. Once the platelets are concentrated they can be called platelet rich plasma (PRP). The platelet concentration can be customized depending upon the physician directed treatment goals. Through specialized training from the American Association of Orthopedic Medicine and years of experience, our physicians will determine a customized treatment plan. State of the art ultrasound injection techniques can be used to guide the injection of the PRP. These powerful platelets work to begin the growth factor induced healing process.

How is the Recovery?Following the PRP injection, patients are instructed to rest for the remainder of the day. A normal part of the healing process may involve discomfort or pain at the target site for a few days or so. It can take weeks for proper healing and tissue remodeling to occur. Physical therapy and proper nutrition can aid in healing. Platelet rich plasma is a powerful new tool that uses the patients own biological factors to aid in tissue recovery and repair. Multiple research studies and thousands of procedures have been performed nationwide since its inception.

Is All PRP the Same? At Houston Spine and Sports Medicinewe are leaders in non-surgical musculoskeletal treatments including platelet rich plasma in Houston. Our training and experience in PRP is exceptional. With our experience in diverse cases, post PRP rehabilitation, PRP based nutrition and advanced PRP/ultrasound training, we are committed to providing the best non-surgical musculoskeletal treatment options to you and your family.

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