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But a long list of injuries: to neck, back, knee, hip and ankle, has curtailed that prodigious talent, so much so that she is able to bond with Tiger Woods over the travails of the treatment table.

Ive seen Tiger a couple of times [since her time out], Wie says. Its pretty funny that every time we lift off with, Hows your neck, hows your back? and hes like, Hows your this, hows your that? It takes about 10 minutes of checking off the injuries before we talk normally.

Its comforting talking to other athletes going through the same things. Sport can be harsh, but other stories can hit home and normalise it. It can give you a boost of energy to go again.

That does involve waiting until her wrist has healed. It is an injury which was plagued her since she fractured her right hand in a car accident two years ago. Wie is arthritic in both wrists and has just finished the latest round of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to accelerate the healing of her injured ligaments. Her daily routine has become one of treatment, icing, recovery, therapy and repeat.

The break has provided a time for reflection, especially as she nears a milestone birthday. The twenties are hard, Wie says. They are too hyped. I think the twenties are the years you figure things out and Im excited about being in my thirties. Theres still so much more I want to accomplish.

With a degree in communications obtained from Stanford University, a career in TV when she hangs up the clubs looks the most likely option. Her commentary debut for the Golf Channel at the Solheim Cup was unsurprisingly assured.

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