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Hair loss is one of those things that can be incredibly detrimental to numerous parts of a persons life. This problem is not one that only affects people aesthetically; its often something that can be really detrimental to a persons confidence to the point it can lead to social isolation and difficulties in the workplace. While some people are quite happy to get out the clippers and call it a day, for a lot of people their hair is extremely important to them and a huge part of how they express and represent themselves to others, and when this is taken away from them it can be a significant shock.

Hair Transplants Work But Arent Always Ideal

If you are contemplating hair transplant procedures, you are likely somewhat aware of the process already, but there are a few things that people that receive hair transplants often have to say about them which you may not be aware of yet. While they do work, in some circumstances very well, they are time-intensive, uncomfortable and can lead to scarring. Depending on the amount of hair you are having transplanted you may be in the chair for a very long time, and depending on the amount of hair that survives the transplant you may end up requiring even more time.

Many people also find the popping sensation of this treatment quite uncomfortable, and when the treatment is quite time-intensive, this can become something far less than pleasant. There is also the issue of scarring, and if you are concerned, you may end up losing more hair over time or end up with significant balding this may leave you with not just a bald head, but now a scarred one as well. Modern approaches to hair transplants using direct follicle transplant are far better in this regard than the older method of using strips, but this is still something to be aware of when thinking about this treatment option for hair loss.

Hair Loss is Complicated

Hair loss is extremely complex, and its frequently understated how much so when the reality is there are so many potential causes for hair loss and types of hair loss the same treatments arent ideal for everyone. Often a secondary condition may be causing the hair loss that needs to be addressed. Its essential that you seek the assistance of someone experienced in treating hair loss rather than trying to mask it yourself with off the shelf products, wigs, or less than ideal products like spray-on hair.

An Interesting Treatment for a Difficult Condition

However, one treatment that is growing in popularity and is suitable for a lot of people is PRP hair loss treatment using platelet-rich plasma injections. What makes this treatment quite interesting is that it takes advantage of mechanisms present in your own body and amplifies them by concentrating specific elements of your blood. While this can sound quite dramatic, for patients receiving PRP hair loss treatment, its actually not; it merely requires a small blood sample that is then processed and prepared for reinjection. PRP injections when used to treat hair loss are then applied with a series of precision injections into the scalp. Over 30 growth factors have been identified in platelets, so when the platelets are concentrated from a blood sample and activated by calcium chloride, they have an often impressive effect on hair regeneration when applied to the scalp.

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