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Interested in a stem cell career but lack the relevant hands-on skills? Already working with stem cells but experiencing problems your mentor can't solve? Want to expand your skill set and appeal to future employers by learning widely sought-after stem cell techniques? Pathways to Stem Cell Science's Pluripotent Stem Cell Techniques Course is the program for you!

What are human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) and why should college students learn to work with them? hPSCs are unique and widely used cells with the capacity to generate any type of cell in the adult human body. They can be isolated from any person and are employed extensively throughout the world in a variety of down-stream applications from research, to therapeutics to diagnostic testing. hPSCs are extremely difficult to grow and manipulate, even for experienced scientists with prior stem cell experience. They can only be handled following extensive training by stem cell experts, like the scientists at Pathways to Stem Cell Science. hPSC culture is an is an advanced 21st century skill that very few college students acquire. Professional training in cutting edge techniques like stem cell culture, can help college students to build their resumes and stand out to future employers.

Originally developed in 2009 at the USC Stem Cell Core, the Pluripotent Stem Cell Techniques Course at Pathways to Stem Cell Science, provides comprehensive training in validated techniques for culturing, freezing and manipulating hPSCs. Our well-established five-day course has helped hundreds of students to gain advanced stem cell skills for laboratory positions in college and professional employment. Participating students learn optimized techniques for culturing human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells, following streamlined protocols designed to plug into any hPSC program. We also provide guidance with laboratory set up and regulatory compliance in addition to ongoing support troubleshooting problems once you are working in a stem cell laboratory.

Apply today and gain comprehensive personalized training in advanced stem cell methods taught by academic and industry experts.

Important note: The hPSC workshop provides advanced training in complex stem cell techniques. To attend this course, you must have prior experience culturing mammalian cells using aseptic technique in a professional cell culture setting. Students who do not have cell culture experience can gain the required skills by attending our essential cell culture techniques program. If you have any questions regarding your qualifications or suitability for the hPSC workshop, please contact us for more information at

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Pathways to Stem Cell Science | Pluripotent Stem Cell ...

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