Preliminary Research, Led By Dr. Vincent Giampapa, Finds Aged …

MONTCLAIR, N.J., April 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ &A preliminary research study, which found that adult stem cells may be functionally reprogrammed to act like younger cells, was presented by Dr. Vincent Giampapa at The Second International Vatican Stem Cell Conference: Regenerative Medicine A Fundamental Shift in Science and Culture, from within the Vatican, held between April 11-13, 2013. The research, which has potential implications in the restoration of human immune function, was conducted by researchers affiliated with CellHealth Institute.


Dr. Vincent Giampapa, chief medical officer of CellHealth Institute, faculty at UMDNJ&s Medical School, and principal investigator of the research, revealed that the preliminary findings support further research into the reprogramming of adult stem cells. This research could lead to a major breakthrough in treating chronic illnesses, enhancing immune response and the maintenance of optimal health.

&Although this is a pilot study, this is the first time that adult stem cells have been functionally reprogrammed to act as younger versions of themselves,& said Dr. Giampapa. &The implications for future use in the restoration of immune function as well as the cell regeneration in aging humans is plausible. It&s early days, but the signs are there to give us great hope as we move forward into the next phases of research.&

CellHealth Institute and its research is supported by key investors, including John Malone, chairman of Liberty Media Corporation, and Dr. Ed Bosarge, founder and CEO of Capital Technologies Inc. The preliminary research study was funded by Dr. Bosarge, through the Bosarge Family Office. Dr. Bosarge will also fund the next stage of the research, which is scheduled to take place in the coming months.

About CellHealth InstituteCellHealthInstitute(CHI)is a biotechnology company focused on cellular health that integrates breakthrough products and services with holistic lifestyle education.CHI collaborates with top-tier research universities and publicly traded biotech companies to offer fully integrated personalized health programs paired with scientific biomarker evaluations, as well as medical-grade supplements, including everycell,and advanced treatment through stem cell therapies. The organization is headquartered in New Jersey with an international regenerative medicine destination in Costa Rica set to open in 2014. CHI services and products allowpeopleto take control of their own health at the most basic level their cells.

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Preliminary Research, Led By Dr. Vincent Giampapa, Finds Aged ...

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