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Feb 04

Adult Stem Cells Regrow cut off Finger! Some studies illustrated that adult stem cell having behaviour similar to embryonic stem cell, when it comes to having properties of differentiate into all types of living cells within the human body, source of the pluripotency adult stem cell comes from the bone marrow, clinical studies shown researchers have uses somatic cells treating all kind of degenerative disease with promising results, including using the patient's own adult stem cell serves as a DNA delivery vehicles to correct genetic defect at the cellular level, instead of the conventional approach by applying the re-engineered retrovirus for gene therapy applications. This video demonstrated the use of extra cellular matrix from pig bladder, this powder can instructed the adult stem cell to regrow the cut-off finger rather than stimulate the wounded site to seal the damaged area. Similar to the regeneration mechanism salamanders possess. But the human body need to have a constant supply of adult stem cell in order for the limb to regrow faster. I've discovered several nutritional herbal supplement, that helps support the natural release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow, the lists of supplements are listed below, all the supplement are scientifically proven from credible source, it has over thousands of sciencific studies documented. Clinicial research have conduct extensively on therapeutic application of adult stem cell. please come to my webpage for more detail Astragalus Root, Anti Aging

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Adult Stem Cells Regrow cut off Finger! – Video – Stem Cell Cafe

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