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Expectation toward regenerative medicine and stem cell research represented by iPS cells is ever growing, not only for clinical application but also as tools to make drug development/discovery more effective and efficient. Especially in Japan, home of the Novel prize winner Dr. Yamanaka, the market is moving very actively, gaining support in many aspects such as government subsidies, legislation, launch of research centers and so on.

At BIOtech 2013 Japan (Asias LARGEST bio event taking place in Tokyo from May 8 to 10), there will be an increased number of presentations, research achievements and technologies/products related to iPS Cell Research / Regenerative Medicine showcased. Why not visit BIOtech 2013 Japan and explore the forefront of the hottest field?

The foremost authority of stem cell research addresses the future potential of iPS Cells (CONFERENCE) At the Conference, the latest development on iPS Cells and Regenerative Medicine will be addressed as one of the main features. No.1 popular session at the moment is Special Session-3 spoken by the foremost authority of stem cell research, Dr. Hiro Nakauchi (Professor and Director, Center of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, The Institute of Medical Science of The University of Tokyo). In addition to his presentation iPS Technology and its Potential for Future Medicine, Dr. Sawa (Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine) will disclose newly-developed cell sheet technology and its application for complete regeneration of severely-damaged myocardium. There will be more sessions featuring regenerative medicine and stem cell research, such as Special Session-5 addressing the great challenge of regenerative medicine 3-D Tissue Engineering, Special Session-9 addressing the theme from a different approach materials and manufacturing technologies required for further development of regenerative medicine, and many more. >>Full program & application (FREE admission with Member Registration)

The latest research achievements by Japanese academics (PARTNERING) BIOtech 2013 Japan will also be a prime opportunity to explore the latest academic research achievements and find partners from about 200 Japanese academic presenters, who participate in Partnering at BIOtech 2013 Japan through online Bio Partnering System. There will be an increased number of platform technologies/seeds related to iPS Cells / Regenerative Medicine presented this year. (See below for excerpts) -Screening for compounds using hiPS cells and a chemically defined serum-free culture (NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF BIOMEDICAL INNOVATION, Dr. Masaki Kinehara) -Cancer Stem Cell Model Developed From iPS Cells (OKAYAMA UNIVERSITY, Dr. Masaharu Seno) -Production of virus-free iPS cells by a novel cell penetrating peptide (NATIONAL CENTER FOR GLOBAL HEALTH AND MEDICINE, Dr. Yukihito Ishizaka) -Development of the biological pacemaker derived from pluripotent stem cells (TOTTORI UNIVERSITY, Dr. Yasuaki Shirayoshi) -Cytometry using antibody arrays for the quality control of stem cells (HIROSHIMA UNIVERSITY, Dr. Koichi Kato)

>>Search other research themes / academics >>Join Bio Partnering System and receive proposals/appointment requests from academics (Member Registration)

Products/services supporting iPS Cell Research (EXHIBITION) Many companies considering the growth of the iPS market as a huge opportunity, theres a notable increase in exhibits for/applied to iPS cell research at BIOtech 2013 Japan. >>Exhibitors with products/services for iPS/ES Cells Research Why not find the latest products/technologies at Asias largest product/technology showcase, where 600 exhibitors gather from around the world? (expected) >>Search exhibitors on e-Guidebook

Visit BIOtech 2013 Japan! (May 8-10 at Tokyo Big Sight) Still in time! To visit, get FREE Invitation Ticket NOW. >>>http://www.bio-t.jp/en/inv/

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