Pathways to Stem Cell Science | Intro to Stem Cell Systems


Intro to Stem Cell Systems is an introductory five-day course that explores the exciting science of stem cell research and regenerative medicine. Designed for entry-level scientists, this innovative program provides foundational training in bioscience techniques and essential principles in human stem cell biology. Participating students study the three-major human stem cell systems adult, cancer and pluripotent, through laboratory classes and engaging college-level lectures covering the science, history and ethics of stem cell research. They learn modern skills used by a variety of bioscience professions, working hands-on in a biotech laboratory with cancer, neural and induced pluripotent stem cells.

Each day of the program focuses on a different aspect of stem cell biology, taking students on a stimulating journey from basic discovery to therapeutic translation. Course participants are also introduced to independent research skills, during "stem cell fact or fiction" an interactive lecture-discussion which demonstrates real-life methods for finding published research and applying scientific data to debunk stem cell myths. The program ends with a career development seminar focusing on the many career paths available to bioscientists, led by science professionals with academic and industry experience. This unique course is suited to any motivated science student with an interest in learning more about stem cell research and its current real-world application.

College-level lectures Hands-on lab classes Cutting edge techniques* Guest speakers Literature research Career education Networking with professional science mentors

*Intro to stem cell systems provides practical training in: BSL-2 lab safety procedures, stem cell culture, aseptic technique, tissue microdissection, cell derivation, stem cell isolation, electroporation, antibody labeling and microscopy (phase contrast and fluorescent).

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Pathways to Stem Cell Science | Intro to Stem Cell Systems

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