Listing of Comments on Draft NIH Human Stem Cell Guidelines

On April 23, 2009, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) published draft stem cell guidelines for public comment in the Federal Register. The purpose of these guidelines are to implement President Barack Obamas Executive Order 13505 Removing Barriers to Responsible Scientific Research Involving Human Stem Cells, which was issued on March 9, 2009.

NIH received 49,015 comments by May 26, 2009, the closing date of the comment period, and have compiled these comments on this website. Any comments received via email or mail after the May 26 deadline are not included on this website. In reviewing the comments, NIH determined that 60 comments were inappropriate (i.e., contained SPAM responses or offensive language), and these comments have been excluded from this website. In addition, to protect the identities and personal information of individuals who submitted comments, NIH has removed personally identifiable information from the comments on this website even though individuals consented that the information provided could be made available for public review and posting.

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Significant strides have been made over the past decade, and the final guidelines issued by NIH must build on this progress so that cures and new therapies can get to patients as quickly as possible. The final guidelines should not create new bureaucratic hurdles that will slow the pace of progress.

No matter how you look at an embryo, it is A HUMAN BEING, and by "using" it to attempt to save another, you are still taking a human life. Taking one life to save another, MAYBE, that is not even been proven, murder is taking place. No one can decide to end a life without paying a price. If the baby was born live, and then "killed", you would put that person up for being charged for murder. Because it is in the safe haven of the mother's womb doesn't take away from the FACT that is is a human being. JUST LIKE YOU.

Please listen to the pleas of many voters who acknowledge that life begins at conception. Also, that our Creator placed that special life for a special purpose. Being martyred is NOT one of those chosen reasons. God will accept that baby into Heaven and you will have to account for taking an innocent life.

Look deep into your conscience and also read the Constitution of the United States. It gives rights to the unborn. Dare you cross those lines and you will have retribution from above.

What would our founding fathers say? They founded our country on Christian Values. Value your conscience. Thank you for reading this email.

We currently use the NIH approved lines WA09, WA01, HES-3, HES-2 in our research developing stem cell therapies for lung disorder such as Cystic Fibrosis.

[2] Most existing U.S. lines have been derived in accordance with the core principles in the ISSCRs guidelines and consistent with the established federal regulatory framework involving IRB oversight and approval. In some instances, additional specialized embryonic stem cell research oversight committees (ESCROs), and other oversight methods in other countries (referred to as SCROs in ISSCR Guidelines), have also provided oversight. Established policy has demonstrated that this self-regulatory structure has provided a sound ethical foundation for stem cell research. In developing the final Guidelines the NIH should consider this well-established framework of independent oversight and give weight to its determinations.

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Listing of Comments on Draft NIH Human Stem Cell Guidelines

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