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Chicago, IL, Nov. 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Keith Nemec the clinic director ofTotal Health Institute in Chicago has received yet another fellowship in his advanced research. Most recently Dr. Nemec received his fellowship in Stem Cell Therapy to add to his other fellowships in Regenerative Medicine and Integrative Cancer Therapies.

Dr. Nemec has overseen patient care for the last thirty-five years at Total Health Institute which is an alternative and integrative medical facility. Total Health Institute has seen over 10,000 patients who have traveled from around the world to seek Dr. Nemecs guidance in their healing journey.

Total Health Institute uses unique approach developed by Dr. Nemec called theSystems Sequence Approach to balance cellular communication between the cells, tissues, organs, glands and systems of the body. Dr. Nemec explains It is like knowing the combination to open the lock to complete healing. To open this lock, you must not only know the right systems to balance but also in the right sequence.

Dr. Keith Nemec is very excited about the research in stem cells and stem cell therapy that is why he focused his concentration in this area. According to Dr. Nemec All health and healing starts at the stem cell level. Whether a person has cancer, autoimmune disease or chronic diseases of aging they are all involving stem cells. In cancer, an inflammatory environment has mutated a normal stem cell into a cancer stem cell which is not killed with either chemotherapy nor radiation. This is why many times with conventional cancer treatment alone one tends to see improvements for a season but then return the cancer stem cell retaliates with a vengeance. Dr. Nemec also states Since all cells come from a base stem cell then the answer to all chronic disease can be found in activating the stem cells to produce an anti-inflammatory niche and continual healthy cell renewal.

Dr. Nemec is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine which is the largest and most prestigious group of Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine doctors in the world. He received his masters degree in Nutritional Medicine from Morsani College of Medicine. He has also published 5 books including: The Perfect Diet, The Environment of Health and Disease, Seven Basic Steps to Total Health and Total Health = Wholeness. Dr. Nemec has also published numerous health articles including: The Single Unifying Cause of All Disease and The answer to cancer is found in the stem cell and for 18 years he hosted the radio show Your Total Health in Chicago AM1160.

Total Health Institute boasts all 5 starreviews on RateMDs, an A+ rating onBBBand is top rated on Manta.

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Leading Alternative Healing Director of Total Health Institute Reviews and Receives 3rd Fellowship in Stem Cell Therapy - GlobeNewswire

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