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How technology has changed the world in the last decade

Technology has changed the world in many ways during the last decade. Medicine- technology has enabled robots and remote location surgeries, it has reduced the chances of infection and disease, it has speeded up the process of delivering medicines and life-saving drugs.

Every day, technology is creating more breakthroughs to fight serious illnesses that have resulted in high mortality in the past. Stem cell research gives patients a new lease on life, as do artificial limbs.


Gone are the days when we stood in line for tickets. No more talking on the phone with the travel agent for good deals. Now, travel is online and forever changed. You can go online to research your destination and find information you need. From where to stay to what to wear there, every piece of travel information can be found. Now, you can track a flight, train or car, you can use GPS to find a destination, you can book and cancel tickets online and plan your trip down to the exact minute.


When was the last time you went to a bank to pull out money or update your passbook? Hard to remember, isnt it? Technology has made the world of banking and finance accessible for everyone. You can do all your banking transactions online, keep an eye on your stock portfolio, and invest in funds of your liking.

Shopping and gaming

More and more people are choosing to shop online. Thanks to technology, huge retail chains have websites where you can buy anything from a pin to a plane. Customers are spoilt for choice, deals are almost irresistible, and delivery is hassle-free.

From fantasy league football to watching matches with high speed internet, the world of games and play has changed forever. Online gaming is exploding and gaining popularity every day. There are thousands and thousands of sites and apps offering new ways to experience games. Technology has brought all sorts of games, from augmented reality to even real money blackjack right to your home, to play, practise and excel.


A vital topic on todays world, conservation efforts have benefitted from technology. From drone technology to monitor animals and birds, to embedded chips to keep track of movements and births, technology is helping dedicated people everywhere make the planet a better place. Ocean currents, rising temperatures, glacier cleavages, deforestation and afforestation- technology is helping us keep track of nature.


There was a time when small and medium enterprises could not operate beyond local sales. Now, these sites have websites and more people are getting to know of them and their products and services. Companies have clients from all over the world, bringing valuable experience and expertise in its wake.

Social media

Social media has defined the decade for sure. From influencer behaviour, to finding new friends, social media presence has been ubiquitous. Instagram is a visual delight, Twitter is for clever repartee, and YouTube channels can teach you everything from how to cook to how to pitch a tent.

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