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MIAMI, Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians (AASCP) was joined by the alliance leader Janet Marchibroda in hosting a safety standards panel on Nov. 2 at the AASCP Live Congress 2019. The panel which was moderated by Janet Marchibroda, the president of The Alliance for cell therapy now, and included attendance via Skypeby Dr. Peter Marks, director of the Center for Biologics and Evaluation and Research was well-received by physicians from around the world.

The panel discussed safety precautions and considered guidelines for the safety of patients, calling out the bad actors in the field. They noted that current safety guidelines are antiquated and need revision to meet the demands of new cutting-edge medicine such as stem cells, which is a growing field in medical biologics.

Dr. A.J. Farshchian, a spokesperson forthe AASCP, was honored with the 2019 Visionary Award for his pioneering work with the AASCP and the stem cell industry. He said, "There's been too much talk but no action. We need to change that to ensure the safety of the patients who receive care. AASCP will gladly point out the bad actors to the FDA, are we telling on each other? Yes. Are we breaking the Code? No, we are just preserving what's left of this industry."

Later he added, "Many physicians and scientists are starting to believe that some of the regulations regarding stem cells which have been written many years ago have not kept up with the rapidly advancing science. These regulations must be revisited because they are all pass."

At the AASCP Live Congress, board certifications were also provided. To receive the board certification, physicians must meet stringent qualifications, including attending weekly meetings and pass a written and oral exam. The AASCP congratulates those who were recognized, including Dr. Rene Blaha, Dr. Warren Bleiweiss, Dr. Paula Marchionda and Dr. Kalpana Patel, all of whom received diplomat status; and Dr. Max Citrin, who received associate diplomat status.

The American Academy and its board also granted the title of associate professor and all rights therein to Dr. Richard Hull and Dr. Leonid Macheret. Dr. Richard Hull, who also earned tenure with the AASCP, said of the conference, "It is a great pleasure teaching this group of physicians. I love to teach and these physicians are so eager to learn."

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The American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians (AASCP) is an organization created to advance research and the development of therapeutics in regenerative medicine, including diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease related to or occurring within the human body. The AASCP aims to serve as an educational resource for physicians, scientists, and the public. To learn more, visit

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