StemEnhance Ultra: The Best Stem Cell Supplement

What is StemEnhance Ultra?

StemEnhance Ultra concentrates and combines extracts from natures most primitive superfoods, fresh watermicroalgae and marine macroalgae, proving the body with the ultimate in stem cell support.

StemEnhance Ultra assists the bodys inherent ability for long-term self-renewal by supporting the bodys natural release ofbone marrowstem cells.

StemEnhance Ultra provides the ultimate in stem cell support. It contains a proprietary blend of highly concentrated extracts, including Fucoidan and Cerules exclusive patented ingredients StemEnhance (AFA concentrate) & Mesenkine.

StemEnhance Ultra (AFA concentrate) is shown in studies to support the release of stem cells from the bone marrow.

Fucoidan (undaria pinnatifida) is a marinealgaewell known to support the immune system. Cerules fucoidan comes from undaria harvested from pristine environments like the Tasman Sea and Patagonia. Fucoidan from Undaria Pinnatifida has been documented to increase the number of circulatingstem cells.

Mesenkine is a unique extract from Spirulina, isolated through Cerules patented extraction process, that supports the release and homing of stem cells by balancing key messengers involved in stem cell function.

StemEnhance Ultra does not contain dairy, wheat, gluten, peanut, soy, corn, or allergens. There are no artificial flavors or colors. It is 100% vegetarian, non-GMO, and free from herbicides and pesticides.

The primary roles of adult stem cells in a living organism are to maintain and repair the tissue in which they are found. Stem cells released from the bone marrow can migrate to various tissues where they contribute to the process of tissue repair.

Suggested usage is 2 capsules 1 to 2 times daily.

The clinical studies were done using adults therefore we recommend StemEnhance Ultra for adult consumption, however there are no known contraindications for children.

StemEnhance Ultra is formulated for human consumption. We know of no reason that it may be harmful to pets. AFA and spirulina have been used in the pet nutrition industry for years. However, no studies have been done using the product for pet consumption. Please consult with your Veterinarian.

StemEnhance Ultra is the result of 16 years of research and constitutes the most efficacious and scientifically provenstem cell nutritionproduct on the market.

Through multiple clinical trials, StemEnhance Ultra was documented to optimize stem cell function in the body by increasing the number of bothstem cellsand and Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPCs) in the bloodstream, supporting optimum renewal and repair of tissues and organs.

StemEnhance Ultra also contains Mesenkine, that was shown to increase the blood concentration of G-CSF that plays a key role in stem cell release.

See StemEnhance research here.

As stated on the label, the vegetarian capsule is made from hypromellose. Hypromellose is cellulose derivative or plant fiber.

StemEnhance Ultra ingredients are certified Kosher.It is not certified Halal.

There is an expiration date at the bottom of each bottle. StemEnhance Ultra has a shelf life of 3 years from date of manufacture. All bottles should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Yes! The Cerule products can be consumed together and were designed to enhance the beneficial effects of each other. We know of no concerning interaction between the Cerule products and other nutritional supplements.

Like many green foods, StemEnhance Ultra contains naturally occurring vitamin K, which could interfere with vitamin K blockers used to thin the blood, such as coumadin.

If you have any health condition and/or are using medication, then consult your attending health care provider before consuming any nutritional supplement.

For some people, due to their conditions and medications, they need to manage their intake of certain nutrients. Below are the amounts of naturally occurring nutrients found in the plant based ingredients within StemEnhance Ultra:

Vitamin K: around 20 ug per serving (2 capsules) Iron: 0.34 mg per serving (2 capsules) Iodine: around 4 ug per serving (2 capsules) Sodium: 9.66 mg per serving (2 capsules) PEA: >0.5%

Pregnancy and nursing are considered special conditions. We recommend that your attending Doctor(s) be made aware of any and all supplements consumed during this time. At this time, we do not advise StemEnhance Ultra consumption during pregnancy.

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StemEnhance Ultra: The Best Stem Cell Supplement

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