Conditions and Diseases Treated | Adult Stem Cell Therapy

As pioneers in the field, TruStem Cell Therapy provides evidence-based care customized to suit patient needs in a safe, effective manner. The discovery of stem cells opened a whole new understanding of how healing works in the human body. TruStem Cell Therapy uses that science to provide access to therapy for painful and debilitating conditions.

Adult stem cells are natural healers that have almost limitless capabilities. Emerging evidence shows that adult stem cells are able to create completely unrelated cells making them valuable assets in the fight to treat many diseases.

TruStem Cell Therapy provides access to the stem cell therapy and the bodys own healing resources as a therapy for life-changing illnesses. Stem cells have the ability to develop into different cell types and aid in repairing the damage done by illness. This means they work with your body to heal tissue, help manage pain and relieve symptoms.

Our board certified surgeons have access to the latest research and state-of-the-art equipment, allowing them to harvest stem cells effectively and efficiently utilizing the least-invasive methods available. The goal is to provide access to patient-centric care with therapy using stem cells, giving the power back to patients. At TruStem Cell Therapy, we specialize in conditions treated with stem cells, such as:

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Conditions and Diseases Treated | Adult Stem Cell Therapy

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