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Adult stem cell therapy is the process of isolating the stem and regenerative cells found in patients own body fat and re-introducing them into damaged zones of the body and/or systemically to address underlying factors of chronic, degenerative disease. Through minimally invasive adult stem cell therapy, the bodys own natural healing capabilities are put to work for each patient.

Adult stem and regenerative cells are naturally abundant in our fat, skin, liver, teeth, bone marrow and other tissues. These have some remarkable attributes:

In other words, adult stem cells can differentiate (turn into) skin, bone and cartilage, in addition to secreting other beneficial growth and repair factorswhich can turn on the bodys native ability to repair itself.

The adult stem and regenerative cells which reside in body fat have become a very important research focus for scientists and doctors in recent years. Along with a number of other benefits to using body fat as a source of therapeutic cells, Okyanos doctors are able to gain access to Adipose-Derived Stem and Regenerative Cells (ADRCs) in a safe and minimally-invasive way utilizing a modified water-assisted liposuction.

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What is Adult Stem Cell Therapy? | Okyanos Center for ...

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