Stem Cell Therapy Treats Pets

Green Bay -

You hear about people getting stem cell therapy for various ailments. Now it's even available for your pet.

A Northeast Wisconsin veterinary center is the first in the state to offer it. It's not cheap, but we found pet owners feel the results outweigh the cost.

Eleven-year-old DeNiro is about to do something he couldn't do when he was ten. Jump.

Owner Keith Noskowiak couldn't be happier. "That's awesome seeing him be able to do that again."

DeNiro suffered from severe arthritis in his back.

A German shepherd named Shadow had hip dysplasia. She could barely walk, let alone jump as she can today, catching balls in flight.

"She would whimper all night long because she was starting to hurt. It was starting to get more severe," owner Luther Kortbein says.

These two German shepherds were the first dogs to receive stem cell therapy in Wisconsin.

Doctor Maura Mansfield from the Packerland Veterinary Center performed the surgeries in June.

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Stem Cell Therapy Treats Pets

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