New stem cell treatment for dogs

GREEN BAY - Statistics show Americans spend almost $51 billion on their pets every year.

A new stem cell treatment for dogs is providing relief for pets and their owners, and now it's being done here in the Green Bay area.

It's designed to treat problems like hip dysplasia and arthritis.

The procedure can cost thousands of dollars, but pet owners believe it is money well-spent.

"Come on buddy," said Keith Moskowiak, De Niro's owner.

Ten-year-old German Shepherd De Niro is at the veterinarian's office for a routine check up.

Owner Keith Moskowiak says De Niro couldn't have done it just two months ago.

"He wasn't able to get around, you could tell he was in a lot of pain," said Moskowiak.

Five-year-old Shadow has hip dysplasia.

"She was slowing herself down, she truly was. She was reserving herself. She'd run a little bit, then she'd sit," said Luther Kortbein, Shadow's owner.

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New stem cell treatment for dogs

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