New Procedure Saves Dogs Lives

GREEN BAY, WI--A breakthrough in veterinary medicine In Green Bay. Two dogs recover amazingly well after receiving stem cell transplants at Packerland Veterinary Center two months ago. They are the first vet clinic in Wisconsin to perform the procedure.

It's a story that gives hope to pet owners all over the country. Stem cells are taken out of the dog's fatty tissue, harvested, then injected into problem areas leaving the dogs completely healed.

"We couldn't take him on walks. He just laid around a lot," said German Shepherd, DeNiro's owner, Keith Noskowiak.

"We'd hear whimpering overnight. She'd take a few steps and she would sit down," said Luther Kortbein, Shadow's owner, another German Shepherd.

But now the dogs have a whole new life. Until two months ago. DeNiro suffered from severe arthritis.

Shadow. suffered from hip dysplasia. The owners were at their wits end. DeNiro's thought he may even have to put his beloved German Shepherd down.

"We felt we had a decision to make with his quality of life and being in pain we didn't want him to be in pain," said Noskowiak.

Shadow's owner was willing to try anything to cure her.

"Whatever the cost needed to get this done we were willing to do," said Kortbein.

Then Packerland Veterinary Center offered them stem cell therapy. The dog's own stem cells are extracted, then injected back into the bloodstream joints.

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New Procedure Saves Dogs Lives

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