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Marc Darrow, MD., JD. is the medical director and founder of the Darrow Stem Cell Institute in Los Angeles, California. With over 23 years experience in regenerative medicine techniques and the treatment of thousands of patients, Dr. Darrow is considered a leading pioneer in the non-surgical treatment of degenerative Musculoskeletal Disordersandsports related injuries.He is one of the busiest Regenerative Medicine doctors in the world.

Dr. Darrow has co-authored and continues to co-author leading edge medical research including the use of bone marrow derived stem cell therapy for shoulder, hip, knee and spinal disorders. He also comments and writes on research surrounding the treatment of chronic tendon injury, ankle and foot pain, elbow, hand and finger pain.


Over the years Dr. Darrow has made it his mission to help get people out of pain and to do so without surgery. To achieve this goal, Dr. Darrow and the staff of the Stem Cell institute guide patients through a hands on approach to healing. This includes reliance of physical examination over MRI and a realistic healing program designed around Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells instead of surgery.

From Dr. Darrows book: A firm believer in regenerative medicine, I have been using these therapies since 1997, when I was doing my physical medicine residency at UCLA. My Los Angeles clinic, the Darrow Stem Cell Institute, has long been recognized for utilizing advanced, nonsurgical options for musculoskeletal pain, and degenerative joint disease, with Stem Cell Therapy and PRP having become a very exciting option in the past several years. In fact, I have been told by others in my field that no one does anywhere near as much regenerative medicine with Stem Cell Therapy and PRP as I do. A question I am asked by most patients is why these treatments have never been offered to them by other doctors. Part of the answer to this question is supplied in the research shown throughout this book. In this book, I will share with you the latest medical information on the use of Stem Cell Therapy and PRP for osteoarthritis and soft tissue damage, and I will also present the research supporting their use in the clinical setting for pain in most areas of the musculoskeletal system of the body.

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Alternatives to shoulder replacement

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