Stem Cells, Sight For The Blind -this is big medical news we learned today that doctors have restored sight to some people blinded by accident harvesting stem cells from their own eyes to grow new corneas. Suggesting a wider frontier ahead and here's doctor Richard Bezer "imagine all the beauty of life gone in an instant suddenly blinded by a terrible accident you can only make out light and dark but now a seismic breakthrough using stem cells from one's own eyes promises new sight to those blinded by burns it's very exciting for an ophthalmologist it's really is as good as it gets" This is a human cornea created with human stem cells remarkable images of replacement eye part grown in a laboratory here's how they did it: Stem cells were taken from a part of the eye there was still unaffected. stem cell therapy, scientists then put them in an incubator to grow more the damaged cells were then replaced with a new ones they created.

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Stem Cells, Sight For The Blind

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