Celebration Stem Cell Centre – A private umbilical cord …

The Celebration Stem Cell Centre (CSCC) is located in Gilbert, Arizona. CSCC offers processing and banking of Private umbilical cord blood, Whartons jelly stem cells, Public cord blood donations, Adipose tissue, Adipose stem cells, Dental pulp stem cells and other adult stem cells. CSCC also offers services for Contract Manufacturing, Contract Research and development and submission of IRB proposals based on our clients research needs.

CSCC will meet the ever increasing need for public cord blood banking by being the first facility in Arizona to collaborate with hospitals throughout the state to process and bank umbilical cord blood donations.

Cord blood stem cells are currently being used to treat over 80 different diseases. Our goal at CSCC is to ensure that people who are afflicted from these diseases will have access to the highest quality umbilical cord blood stem cell units available for treatment either through our cord blood donation program or by privately banking these cells for use by their own family.

In addition, through a comprehensive public awareness campaign, we will reveal the facts about stem cell therapy. We hope to empower the public with this knowledge and encourage them to start conversations with their peers, doctors and political representatives. Many of the top translational stem cell researchers believe that cord blood stem cells can be used for many different medical applications.

I chose Celebration Stem Cell Centre because my daughters stem cells could provide a medical solution for her life or others! -Jenn, Gilbert, AZ

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Celebration Stem Cell Centre - A private umbilical cord ...

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