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The word enthusiasm comes to mind when you meet Dr. Slack, MD and her team. Even the building itself has an air of newness and excitement. Dr. Slack begins to tell me about what is available at Imber and Im surprised that I have never heard of several of these treatments.

I see her face light up as she explains how much these treatments have helped people. And that for some, aesthetics treatments can be better than Prozac! The latest treatment acquired is the EMSCULPT. This is a machine that uses magnetic energy to initiate contractions of the muscles 20,000 contractions in 30 minutes to be exact!

This leads to formation of new muscle fibers and improvement in core strength that continues for years! Studies show that EMSCULPT not only increases muscles but induces 20% fat reduction (as a glorious side effect). These results have been confirmed by MRIs so there is no guesswork as to the devices effectiveness. What is amazing about this machine is that you get the benefits of doing 20,000 sit-ups while lying down and relaxing. No sweating, no pain, no shortness of breath or increase in heart rate.

This is a fantastic option for anyone who has trouble building up their muscles because of time constraints, back pain, child- birth or even hitting that dreaded plateau at the gym. Ladies love the flat stomachs, toned abs and improvements in physical ability appreciated during yoga, pilates, and tennis! Men have become huge fans after seeing how the results of strengthening ones core affects their golf game!

We first realized there was a demand for EMSCULPT in the Golden Isles when several existing clients expressed how much it had helped their back pain when treated with EMSCULPT at an Atlanta clinic says Dr. Slack. What sold our team was the before and after pictures which speak for themselves. But I was even more impressed with the data and shocked to learn that this device is the only non-surgical, FDA approved option for treatment for diastasis recti (the separation of stomach muscles that occurs during pregnancy). Life brings a lot of changes and how we look, and feel can greatly impact our confidence. What Imber offers is the latest solutions that are proven to work.

EMSCULPT is also FDA approved for building the muscles of the abs, glutes, arms and legs. I cant help but think that this is the perfect time of year. Valentines Day, and shorts season will be here before we know it!

Dr. Slack goes on to list other novel treatments. She shares with me information on Verju, a FDA approved, pain-free, non-surgical, fat reducing (non-hot, non- cold) laser. That consistently delivers results of 4 inch overall circumference reduction after just 6 treatments.

If that wasnt enough to blow my mind she went on to tell me about PDO Threads. She describes how these FDA approved threads can lift the face and smooth out wrinkles while building collagen. Plasma Pen was mentioned next. which is an FDA approved treatment for a non-surgical eyelid lift and wrinkle removal. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is another option in the fight to revitalize the skin. Like the Plasma Pen, PRP is 100% natural and organic which is important to the Imber team!

Even the staples of aesthetics like Botox and filler treatments are taken to a whole new level. Dr. Slack is so proud of her team consisting of herself as an aesthetics board certified MD and advanced registered nurse practitioners. Imbers master injector, Bianca Trevino ARNP, is also board certified in aesthetics and able to provide Botox injections in areas I had never heard of! She can upturn the corners of a down turned mouth, lower the lip of a gummy smile, prevent the tip of a nose from pulling down, provide brow lifts, jaw definition, fine line and wrinkle reduction with micro-Botox and even eliminate neck bands! With regard to filler, the advanced training really shows with their results in providing a natural and youthful appearance, never looking overdone. Imber has virtually every toxin and filler available and the knowledge of what needs to be used when. Bioidentical hormone therapy, IV hydration therapy, hair restoration for men and women, intimacy treatments, jaw contouring, medical assisted weight loss, scar revision, acne treatment and so much more is offered at Imber.

When combining the above treatments with medical grade products (including stem cell and sun protection) sold at Imber: prevention, correction and maintenance are all optimized.

In finishing up my visit, Dr. Slack tells me Our clinics goal is to provide the latest FDA approved solutions available to help all of the Golden Isles look and feel like the best version of themselves. We are so blessed to be a part of this wonderful community and look forward to giving it the best the World has to offer.

If you would like to learn more, Imber hosts a Thirsty Thursday event every 3rd Thursday of the month for those who Thirst for Knowledge ...or wine! Join Imber Jan 16th to learn more about Emsculpt or any other services Imber offers!

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Imber Medical has what we've all been waiting for - Brunswick News

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