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May 23 2015

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Stem Cell Science Reviews, along with adult stem cell nutrition Testimonials are being generated with increasing frequency. American citizens and others from around the globe are experiencing new found freedom from disease, affliction, and infirmity. Individuals' lives are forever changed with the strengthened faith and renewed hope that arise from healed bodies and physical restoration.

These seemingly miraculous repairs being proclaimed by scientists involved with Adult Stem Cell Science, are backed by published proof and documented peer reviewed studies.

The popular news media tend to ignore and obscure the medical breakthroughs made by adult stem cell research--success that has conspicuously eluded embryonic stem cell treatments.

Adult stem cells (or, more accurately, tissue stem cells) are regenerative cells of the human body that possess the characteristic of plasticity--the ability to specialize and develop into other tissues of the body. Beginning in an un-specialized and undeveloped state, they can be coaxed to become heart tissue, neural matter, skin cells, and a host of other tissues.

Stem cell science has documented that adult stem cells are found in our own organs and tissues such as fat, bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, placentas, neuronal sources, and olfactory tissue, which resides in the upper nasal cavity.

This simple fact has remarkable implications for medicine--diseased or damaged tissue can become healthy and robust through the infusion of such cells. This has consequently commanded the attention of many researchers as well as those suffering from disease.

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Stem Cell Science Reviews and Adult Stem Cell Nutrition ...

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