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Why Bank?

Not everyone interested in adult stem cell therapy has a condition that requires immediate treatment. Indeed, some far-sighted individuals would like to have a large reserve of their own stem cells available in case they are needed in the future. Celltex can provide state-of-the-art adult stem cell banking services that can provide individuals peace of mind.

No matter where you live, Celltex will work with you to provide banking services for your stem cells.

Sometimes your body cannot create enough stem cells to make an effective healing response to an illness or injury. Banking your cells now provides the opportunity to multiply and utilize your younger, healthy cells at a later point in life when you and your physician determine it would be beneficial.

Whether you choose to bank because of a current condition, or so that your cells are available to you in case of an emergency, illness, injury, or accident in the future, there are numerous benefits to banking your stem cells now. It is a simple and safe procedure that can benefit you now, or in the future.

As we age, illness and the natural processes of aging reduce the number of stem cells available to regenerate organs, muscles and bone and in particular we have fewer adult cells that have the collective power to assist in healing many different kinds of cells.

The younger you are when you bank your cells, the more efficient, active and mobile they are.

Celltex is a leader in providing services for the rapidly expanding field of regenerative medicine. Specifically, Celltex precisely separates, multiplies, and stores adult adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells for autologous use by physicians. This means that an individuals fat (adipose) is the source of their adult stem cells, which are used only for that individual and never for any other person.

Celltexs advanced laboratory uses a patented process to ensure that it supplies physicians with genetically identical, autologous adult stem cells for clinical therapeutic use. Dedicated to ensuring the proper extraction, isolation and culture of stem cells, we hold more than 14 patents protecting our methodology and quality control processes that ensure the potency and purity of your cells when you choose to use them.

No other corporation or academic organization engaged in the banking of adult stem cells does as much quality control or in as secure an environment as that deployed by Celltex. This is the leading edge of biosafety applied to regenerative medicine.

Celltex does not treat patients or provide any healthcare services. Rather, individual doctors decide whether a patient their patient might benefit from adult stem cells.

Below is an overview of the process to bank your adult stem cells:

Read more about Celltex stem cell banking services for adults, for families, or for groups and companies.

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Adult Stem Cell Banking Information from Celltex Therapeutics

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