Local Vet Seeing Benefits Of Stem Cell Treatment

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) The debate has raged for years about stem cells, but Butler County Veterinarian Mike Hutchinson is completely sold on their effectiveness.

So is a family from Baden after their dog was treated with stem cells.

Just before thanksgiving, Sadies severe skin allergies led to blisters and a nasty rash on her belly.

Traditionally, we use it for arthritis, we use it for ligament issues, bone fractures, things like that. But this dog had an immune system. Its allergic to everything under the sun, Dr. Mike Hutchinson said.

After trying the standard of care, Dr. Mike suggested stem cells.

We were at a loss, so we just chose to do this and within the day we brought her home we said, What do we do? because she was pretty raw and sore. Within five days, she was almost completely healed, Debbie Valosio said.

Stem cells are a repair cell that we take from fat and its just that a repair cell. One of its functions its a potent immuno-modulator which means it helps to calm the immune system down if it is over-reacting, not to the point where it makes it too low, but it calms it down, Dr. Mike said.

Bob Valosio saw the changes almost immediately.

The itching and scratching was always an issue with her, and we felt terrible about that we werent doing enough or what can we do, Bob Valosio said.

While Dr. Mike stopped short of calling this a cure, he is very optimistic about the results from this experimental treatment.

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Local Vet Seeing Benefits Of Stem Cell Treatment

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