KC area company developing stem cell treatments for pooches


A KCK company is developing a stem cell treatment to help dogs deal with crippling pain from arthritis.

Aratana Therapeutics is working to treat osteoarthritis in pets via the stem cell treatment.

If the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approves, it would be the first treatment of its kind.

The treatment wouldn't provide a cure but would give much-needed relief.

"They're still able to move better but they can't do the things they did when they were younger," dog owner Rachel Thieme said.

Osteoarthritis can be quite debilitating for canines.

"It's really tough because may be there are other areas of quality of life that are fine. They are eating fine. They have that motivation but they just can't physically do anything, so sometimes you have to euthanize them," Thieme said.

The only way to cure the condition is to conduct a total joint replacement.

But the stem cell procedure hopefully will reduce the need for medications and therapies, said Kara Forsee, a veterinary surgeon for BluePearl Veterinary Partners.

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KC area company developing stem cell treatments for pooches

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