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Amniotic Allograft Stem Cell Therapy (AASCT) is used to assist the body in repairing damaged tissue. AASTC is one of the most effective treatment methods available to repair joints, rebuild bone, restore ligaments, and improve other areas of the body. When a stem cell divides, the cells have the potential to remain a stem cell, or they can become a different type of cell, such as those used for specialized functions, which is how we use them for patients suffering from joint pain and other conditions.

Stem cells are found anywhere in the human body. Fat and other tissues have stem cells, but the greatest concentration of stem cells is within amniotic fluid. The stem cells used in AASCT are not embryonic stem cells.

AASCT cells are extracted from fluids, not from a fetus, which has been a common misconception about amniotic stem cells.

Stem cell treatments can be used on just about any condition within the body. Athletes often turn to stem cells after suffering a major ACL/MCL tear, and several research programs are using stem cells to treat rare blood disorders and cancer. We typically treat patients dealing with non-life-threating injuries related to common joint pain conditions including:

Stem cell treatments are one of the most versatile in the industry because the cells customize themselves to your bodys needs.

Correct treatment of AASCT will involve the insertion of the fast-growing stem cells into the damaged tissue. Once the cells are in place, the body will start to naturally heal itself. AASCT essentially concentrates the bodys natural ability to heal in one area, providing fast, anti-inflammatory treatment. Patients normally start to feel results within a few days. There are no side effects to stem cell treatments, and it is extremely safe to use.

Unlike other treatments, stem cells are a permanent cure. Cortisone and pain relievers are temporary solutions. Stem cells are the only treatment that helps to restore damaged tissue and bone back to its proper state.

If you want to avoid surgery, find permanent relief from pain, and restore mobility, contact Life Health Medical Center today to schedule an appointment, 801.997.8881.

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