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NEW TREATMENT OPTIONS! There are many new treatment options from established and reputable clinics both inside and outside the USA. Treatment costs average $10-12,000 and financing is available for those that qualify. Many treatments include a 90 day PRP booster and banking to reduce costs on future treatments if required and/or desired. If you are interested, please email me at Do not respond on here. If you havent already, please fill out the form at

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But14 years late to the party. Reminds me of the last scene in Schindlers list. How many lives could have been saved? How much suffering could have been eased. Well, lets do the math.

in 2005 there were 2,448,000 deaths in the u.s. 4 of the top 6 killers were:

Heart disease (652,000 deaths) Cancer (559,000 deaths) Stroke (143,000 deaths) Diabetes (75,000 deaths)

There were a total of 1,429,000 deaths in 2005 from these 4 diseases and there are renowned stem cell treatment centers around the world that have been successfully treating patients with these disease for years. Around the world, people with these disease are actively receiving asc treatments and benefiting from them.

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The Stem Cell Blog | Adult Stem Cell Patient Empowerment

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