Stem Longevity Research Links with BioProtein Technology – Renowned Partnership to Elevate Brand’s Innovative …

BioProtein Technology, a company that manufactures therapeutic proteins in the form of growth factors, has announced an alliance with Stem Longevity Research, a company partnered by Dr. Joseph Purita and CNC Reid Eckert.

(PRWEB) October 15, 2012

Stem Longevity Research has expertise in the medical applications of stem cells. Dr. Purita and Eckert will offer their high level of credibility to increase the exposure of BioProtein Technology's products on the part of physicians across the United States.

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Purita and Reid Eckert to our team, as they are among the world's most respected stem cell researchers, said Paul Morave, National Sales Director for BioProtein Technology. With their endorsement of our products, we immediately gain a tremendous level of credibility in the eyes of doctors and medical professionals. Were very excited to begin our work with Stem Longevity Research and are looking forward to leveraging the knowledge they bring to our company.

Dr. Joseph Purita is one of the pioneers of PRP and stem cell injection research. His passion for stem cell research has helped him create the Institute of Regenerative and Molecular Orthopedics, where the standard is set for orthopedic stem cell treatments. Doctors from all over the world train in the use of PRP and stem cell treatment with Dr. Purita at the Institute.

Eckert specializes in the treatment of diseases and disorders for people of all ages. He is a certified nutritional counselor who is dedicated to bringing nutritional education and quality of life to those suffering from health challenges. Eckert also currently serves as a medical advisor for InHealth Media, a media and marketing firm that works with brands in the nutraceutical and sports nutrition industries.

BioProtein Technology offers a family of natural treatment therapies that combine the effective concepts of traditional medicine with modern technological breakthroughs. The company differentiates itself by dedicating unparalleled time and energy into a single raw material, giving its team complete top-down control of the manufacturing process.

The BioProtein Technology product line includes Velvet Antler Extract, which promotes anti-aging and naturally supports healthy cell regeneration and repair. This product balances hormones, modulates endocrine and immune systems and improves memory and cognition, among many other benefits. Other products include natural hormone and immune modulator Sub-L Tropin, topical anti-inflammatory solution Derma-T Tropin and Derma-T Tropin, an anti-aging skin care solution.

Its an honor to join the team of BioProtein Technology, a company that is doing groundbreaking work in creating top-quality alternative treatment products, said Eckert. Our goal is to significantly increase physicians awareness of this brand and the numerous benefits these products offer to individuals. Were very pleased to take part in what BioProtein Technology is doing for both doctors and their patients.

Stem Longevity Researchs work with BioProtein Technology will begin effective immediately. For more information, visit

Stem Longevity Research Links with BioProtein Technology - Renowned Partnership to Elevate Brand’s Innovative ...

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