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CellTherapyFlorida U.S. Program and PRP Therapy are now being applied towards painful, injured and inflammatory conditions facilitating healing of muscle, tendons, ligaments, articular and meniscal injuries.

Loss of Hair Your own stem cells from a small area of adipose (fat) tissue can be isolated and activated. Together with a PRP and growth factors from a small sample of blood, it can be locally injected into the scalp for male and female pattern hair loss treatment.

A single treatment of Stem Cells can be of a long-term benefit. Other therapies and drugs are an hours-to-days alternative!

The utilization of insulin in the conventional treatment of diabetes mellitus is only a "symptomatic" approach, and curing diabetes involves a great deal more.

Due to the fact most of the diseases that lead to loss of vision do so as a result of abnormal vasculature and/or nerve degeneration, the use of stem cells to stabilize or prevent visual loss holds great promise.

Autism is characterized by abnormalities in social interaction, impaired verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive, obsessive behavior.

Regenerative cellular therapy aims for the return of damaged lung(s) to a more functional state through the use of autologous adult stem cells. Promising results have been reported in patients with lung diseases receiving this type of regenerative therapy.

Chronic kidney disease means progressive loss of the kidney function that leads to end stage kidney disease (ESKD). End stage kidney disease is the complete or almost complete kidney function failure. This condition takes place when kidneys lose their ability to maintain the day to day level of function.

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Stem Cell Treatment in Miami Florida - Call Now 1 888 545 4333 ...

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