Stem cell joint and arthritis treatment | stem cell regeneration …

What if you could activate your body's own healing powers from within, promoting regeneration, recovery and complete healing?

Well, there is no reason to imagine because it is now possible to harness and stimulate your body's natural healing powers thanks to pioneering research and development in the field of stem cell therapy.

As a one-of-a-kind health care network, StemMD is comprised of world-renowned board certified surgeons who specialize in some of the most advanced and innovative healing solutions.

StemMD's medical director, Dr. Joseph Purita, specializes in treating an array of orthopedic ailments. Dr. Purita is available to create a comprehensive treatment plan detailing the therapies that can bring about healing in your body.

Contact StemMD today for a free consultation with an On-Call physician or browse our Treated Conditions page to learn more about innovative solutions that are now available within the fields of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy.

StemMDs Medical Director, Dr. Joseph Purita, is the Pioneer of PRxP. PRxP is not your ordinary PRP. PRxP is platelet rich plasma which has been fortified and enhanced with natural growth factors and signalling components found in your own body. With this advanced combination we can target the chronic inflammation, which is causing damage, to promote the vital healing components found in PRP and in your body through a holistic and natural process.


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Stem cell joint and arthritis treatment | stem cell regeneration ...

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