Search is on for donor to save Hannah Day

Hannah Day's family are searching for a matching donor to provide the four-year-old cancer patient with a stem cell transplant.

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Langfords Hannah Day, 4, and her family are desperately searching for a stem cell transplant match as Hannah faces the second cancer diagnosis of her young life.

Hannah, 4, is back in Langford after spending Christmas in B.C. Childrens Hospital for treatment after she suffered a seizure at home. As a result of the seizure Hannah had gone pale and her lips were purple, prompting her mother to call 911, rushing her to the hospital.

Hannah was mostly not alert as doctors ran tests on her. When she started to develop jaundice Hannah was flown to Childrens Hospital in Vancouver.

I have been holding her hand for so long, just to see if shell squeeze back, Hannahs mother wrote to family friend and fundraising organizer Kim Roost.

Hannah eventually began to come around, talking and remaining awake for periods of time, though in pain. Roost said they never really determined what caused the seizure.

Meanwhile Hannahs cancer, a form of leukemia, is getting worse, though she is back in Langford and celebrated Christmas with her family at home on Dec. 28.

Hannahs only hope of curing her cancer is finding a match for a stem cell transplant, Roost said. Her best hope lay in her little sister, Hailey, but she proved to not be a 100 per cent match, which is necessary. The family received that news Christmas Eve.

Its kind of like one step forward, two steps back, Roost said. Its not how anyone wants to spend their Christmas.

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Search is on for donor to save Hannah Day

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