Roseville teen fights for life, needs donations for stem cell treatment

A 17-year old student from Roseville is fighting to stay alive and preparing for a possible double lung transplant but an experimental and very expensive procedure, which is not covered by his insurance, shows more promise for saving his life.

Tina Castillo says her son Myles has been fighting to survive his entire life. As she explains, it started when he was a baby.

"When he was one, he caught virus and it attacked his white blood cells which led to another virus and his blood wasn't holding oxygen," Tina explains.

As Myles' illness progressed, breathing became harder. The family says his lungs are so badly damaged that doctors want to give 17-year-old Myles, who is currently at Children's Hospital, a double lung transplant. That brings the risk of rejection and infection. So Castillo says she found a better way.

The answer is an experimental procedure provided by a Florida medical facility. She says it involves stem cell treatments that help repair damaged lung tissue helping the patient to breath easier.

But it's not FDA approved and that means insurance won't cover it.

"This doctor in Florida is saying he can save my son. What am I supposed to to do?" Tina said. "But it's not FDA approved and insurance doesn't touch it. It's all cash."

So the family started a Fight for Myles GoFundMe Account to help with the $12,000 per treatment medical bill

"I took him for his first one in October due back in April.

The family says the money raised will not only go to finance the medical procedure but medicine that costs hundreds per month.

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Roseville teen fights for life, needs donations for stem cell treatment

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