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Prolotherapy is an injection technique that stimulates growth of cells and tissue that stabilize and strengthen weakened joints, cartilage, ligaments and tendons. The injected solution intentionally causes controlled irritation in the injected tissue. This irritation is an inflammatory response, which increases the blood supply and thereby stimulates the tissue to heal and regrow new tissue.

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Many Prolotherapy physicians also utilize Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy for chronic joint and back pain. Please visit that doctors page and contact his/her office directly.

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In this article, doctors discuss Knee Osteoarthritis treatment options

Is there a rush to send patients to knee surgery? Are patients given all the options? Researchers say this:

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Todays article February 10, 2015

In this article, doctors discuss Prolotherapy for ankle pain.

Writing in the medical journal Practical Pain Management, Ross Hauser MD, et al reported that patients treated for ankle problems with prolotherapy had less pain, stiffness, crepitating, depressed and anxious thoughts, medication usage, as well as improved range of motion, walking ability, sleep and exercise ability.. . .Prolotherapy helped all patients on pain medications reduce the amount of medications taken. Dextrose Prolotherapy Injections for Chronic Ankle PainRoss Hauser MD et al.

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Prolotherapy, PRP, Stem Cell Therapy Doctors Listings and ...

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