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At National Stem Cell Centers, our affiliate physicians focus on leading edge, regenerative medicine. Instead of synthetic compounds, prescription medications, or surgical procedures, we activate your own natural cellular resources to promote healing.

Our goal is to allow patients access to this potentially revolutionary form of treatment to harness your bodys natural healing cascade mechanism for the repair of damaged tissues.

Adult mesenchymal stem cells are a form of undifferentiated cells. These kinds of stem cells are found in great abundance within fatty tissue. Lying dormant (non-replicating), these remarkably intelligent cells can be activated to become other kinds of cells specific to tendons, muscle, blood vessels, nerves and bone.

This means that stem cell therapies can be the key to reducing pain, chronic inflammation, and the mitigation of many degenerative disease states.

At National Stem Cell Centers, our affiliated physicians utilize only adult stem cells harvested from your own fat tissue, without any form of artificial cellular manipulation. This means that our treatments are both effective and efficacious.

Stem cell therapies may be helpful in addressing conditions and injuries such as pain, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, chronic inflammation, autoimmune disorders, orthopedic diseases, urological disorders, nerve conditions, heart and lung diseases, and more.

Call our New York office at(646) 448-0427(New York) or(516) 403-1457(Long Island) today to find out if you are a good candidate for stem cell therapy, and to schedule your complimentary consultation. National Stem Cell Centers also has locations in Southampton NY, New Jersey, Dallas and Houston in Texas, and Atlanta GA.

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National Stem Cell Centers | Stem Cell Therapy in New York ...

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