Marion Ohio Stem Cell Therapy Doctor Scot Gray

Dr. Brandon Bupp is the doctor of chiropractic, owner/founder of Advanced Health and Wellness Center, and the owner/founder of Advanced Performance Crossfit and Fitness. Dr. Bupp suffered from headaches as a child which continued through high school until his dad took him to a chiropractor for an ankle injury. This visit changed his life and urged him to become a leading chiropractor.

He attended chiropractic school at the fountainhead of chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic where chiropractic was founded. He was fortunate enough to train with the top chiropractors in the world. Dr. Bupp teamed up with Dr. John Kocka, M.D. and became medically integrated.

After learning the science and success of stem cell therapy, Dr. Bupp and his medical team knew he could reach an even wider range of people in pain, and expanded his practice. Stem cell therapy fits with Advanced Health and Wellness Centers belief in natural healing of the human body and focusing on your best health and wellness potential.

Stem cells divide and conquer to restore damaged tissue, ligaments, nerves, and cartilage, providing relief from chronic pain and other symptoms. Dr. Bupp and his medical team provide the best care and opportunities for patients in the Wadsworth, Ohio area to experience relief without resulting to surgery or medications.

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Marion Ohio Stem Cell Therapy Doctor Scot Gray

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