Man hoping for third stem cell match after first 2 donors back out

Watch the video above:Leukemia patient Chris Taylor loses 2nd bone marrow transplant donor. Angie Seth reports.

TORONTO A 36-year-old leukemia patient is searching for a bone marrow donor for the third time, after his first two donors backed out for medical or unknown reasons.

Chris Taylor was diagnosed with leukemia in 2012. He originally went to Mount Sinai hospital with chest pains and spent several days in the ICU though doctors couldnt figure out what was wrong with him, he said.

But several weeks later, Princess Margaret Hospital found his cancer at the chromosomal level. HE immediately started chemotherapy and it went into remission.

It came back after ten months, he said. I was starting to feel better and the side effects were starting to wear off and then the cancer came back.

They found a match around Christmas of 2013, he said. They started preliminary testing and even got a proposed date but two days before, the donor pulled out.

Unfortunately that donor was medically unfit to donate, Taylor said.

So they went back to searching. They found another donor.

We began again the process of getting ready to go in for the transplant, he said. Unfortunately for unknown reasons that donor had to opt-out of the procedure.

I was disappointed but I dont hold any ill-will or anything like that.

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Man hoping for third stem cell match after first 2 donors back out

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