Langford's Hannah Day doing well in struggle with cancer

Langfords Hannah Day is all thumbs up after finding out her blood is currently cancer free, half way through her stem cell transplant process. Hannahs mother says the four-year-old is thriving.

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Langford resident Hannah Day has passed a milestone in her struggle against leukemia, her second cancer diagnoses in her short life.

Mother Brooke Ervin said four-year-old Hannah, who underwent a stem cell transplant with her mother as host, has had a recent biopsy come back revealing there are currently no traces of the cancer in her blood.

My stem cells are doing the job that (doctors) hoped that they would, Ervin said. Shes thriving. The doctors cant believe it. They just went in there and theyre chasing her around and joking with her and tickling her.

Hannah has been discharged from B.C. Childrens Hospital, though still has to attend clinic up to four times per week, keeping her family in Vancouver.

Thats the hugest and best news we could ever ask for, Ervin said of the discharge.

At the time of writing Day was on Day 54 since the transplant, with Day 100 being the big goal to get to. The process is causing Hannah to break out in burns, as the stem cells attack her body and burn her from the inside, Ervin said. This is an expected side effect, she added.

Despite the good news, Ervin is still being told there is a 60 per cent chance of a relapse, and if that happens there are no other treatment options, as the transplant has been Hannahs last hope for health.

The mood is high for all, even if the family isnt in the clear quite yet.

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Langford's Hannah Day doing well in struggle with cancer

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