JS man needs stem cell transplant

JERSEY SHORE-Donnie Laubscher of Jersey Shore, seemed a healthy, 47-year-old husband and father when blood work from a routine colonoscopy suggested something was wrong.

After a marrow biopsy and appointments at the local cancer center, he received his diagnosis: myelodysplastic syndrome, a rare and potentially fatal stem cell disorder.

"I looked at my wife of 15 years and our 13-year-old son and was devastated at the thought of our family walking this walk," Donnie said.

He is now undergoing chemotherapy, and his doctors believe his best shot at survival is to receive a stem cell transplant, but he must first find a matching donor. To increase his odds of finding that match, his community is rallying to hold a donor drive where anyone can do a cheek swab to register as a donor.

"Somebody out there could be our hero; we just need to find them," his wife, Angie, said. "The more people who swab, the better the chances are."

Anyone can register as a donor from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on May 12 at Elks Lodge No. 1057, 203 N. Main St., Jersey Shore.

Angie's coworker at the Jersey Shore Hospital, April Hennigan, is coordinating the event.

Though she's only known Angie six months, she decided to put on the donor event after she saw Donnie's cancer posted on Facebook.

"My heart just broke," April said. She put her emotion into action. "I believe what you give you'll get back twofold."

There will also be a Chinese auction and the money will go to Donnie.

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JS man needs stem cell transplant

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