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05-10-2011 13:45 Stem Cell Remedy User Forum and Blog is a global collaborative effort of regular individuals and trained researchers from organizations across the world focused on helping patients, friends and families, while avoiding the politics associated with other types of research a The sixteenth installment of my original series, "Discovering Religion". In this episode I discuss the current actions of Christian Americans to suppress modern-day scientific advancements. In particular, I address the movement by Christians to outlaw embryonic stem cell, a stance they have no justification from the Bible in taking -- a situation that very closely parallels the Church's suppression of Roger Bacon and Galileo Galilei's scientific discoveries. Additional information I could not include in the video Diabetes: Giving insulin to children with Type I Diabetes is a viable means of treating this disease, however; after 15-20 years of living with type I diabetes, the danger continues to grow, possibly leading to kidney failure, heart disease, blindness, brain damage, and premature death. This is why stem cell research is so crucial to patients suffering from this serious condition. Bone Marrow Transplants: There are many patients, both child and adult, in need of bone marrow transplants that would greatly benefit from the use of stem cells. For 2/3 of them, there is no donor with an acceptable genetic match. However, even when a match is found, it is never perfect. With stem ...

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