How the Packers’ Za’Darius Smith brought joy and awareness to one woman’s cancer fight – The Athletic

Eileen Booker sat in her Southern California home last Sunday night, watching the Packers game like she does every week.

She grew up in Green Bay, and her sister still lives there. Her parents bought season tickets in 1957 and her father never missed a home game. She remembers sticking to frigid metal bleachers as a kid until the clock showed zeroes in the fourth quarter, win or lose, and always burning her lips with hot chocolate.

Still a die-hard fan today, Eileen was glued to her television for a prime-time game between the Packers and 49ers, even as her favorite team trailed, 10-0, early in the second quarter.

She had no idea her name was about to be plastered on TV screens across America.

After Packers outside linebacker ZaDarius Smith sacked 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo deep in 49ers territory, he immediately found the nearest camera and lifted his jersey, revealing a white undershirt that read, WE ...

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How the Packers' Za'Darius Smith brought joy and awareness to one woman's cancer fight - The Athletic

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