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Dr. Tami is a certified physician in Aesthetic Medicine, and Integrative & Natural Medicine. She is the type of doctor that other doctors go to. Her unique combination of experience and expertise allows her to not only make her patients look great on the outside, but she is also uniquely qualified to treat patients using the newest and most cutting edge medical and nutritional therapies to heal and retard the effects of hard living, illness and age.

Many physicians treat symptoms, Dr. Tami discovers and treats root causes. What that mean for you is a real diagnosis and a program personally tailored for you by one of the top doctors in the country. Despite her high level of training and accolades her approach is holistic and cutting edge. She is committed to increasing the quality of life for all of her patients. She cares about each of her patients and treats them like family.

Additionally, Dr. Tami is on the faculty of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and lectures around the world on Aesthetics and Bio-identical hormones for men and women as well as the benefits of stem cell therapy. She is featured as the Health and Beauty Expert for King 5 Health Link regularly, has been the health expert for articles for Shape magazine and has hosted two radio shows about Aesthetic Medicine and cutting edge natural medicine and a best selling author.

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Home - Seattle Stem Cell Center

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