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Hair loss just creeps on you; it often begins with finding a few strands on the pillow (hair fall) and accelerates to the hair hair everywhere (hair loss) situation before you have even had the chance to blink. The good news is that hair loss treatments have made a quantum leap from uncomfortable sweaty wigs, or hiding the scalp under a cap or a scarf, or going through painful hair transplants. Here are the top three hair growth treatment secrets and the best hair treatments in India that Bollywood is not telling you: Hair Transplant May Not be a One Time Process & May Have Issues Hair transplant is a surgical process, which essentially just uses hair from the healthy portion at the back of the scalp and translocates them on the balding area. The hair transplant procedure does not impact the hair loss process itself and one may have to undergo repeat sessions, as the hair loss continues. This almost always leads to thinning months to years post the hair transplant and hence may necessitate multiple repeat procedures. This makes the treatment invasive and expensive. Many top celebs have claimed to not having benefited from this costly and painful hair treatment process.

Apart from the side effects such as bleeding at the transplant site, crusting, facial edema, infection, swelling, headaches, and scarring at the graft site; recently there have been a few well reported cases globally, in which these procedures have even proven to be fatal.

PRP Therapy For Hair Fall Treatment Has Not Demonstrated Effective Results In Randomised Controlled Trials

The Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) is an outdated & clinically unproven clinical procedure that uses the natural growth factor present in the patients own blood to boost the scalp follicles. Patients blood is drawn and spun through a centrifuge to separate the rich plasma. PRP is injected in the deep layers of the scalp with the help of needles. The cost of each PRP session can be upward of 6000 to 12000.

The large variability in results of PRP is because there is no standardization in the injection and treatment method. While cosmetologists all over the world continue to use the PRP treatment in their clinics for their patients, surprisingly for something so ubiquitously used, the PRP treatment has never been patented nor have its results been demonstrated in Randomised Controlled Trials. PRP treatment may take up to 3 to 6 months to show minimal increase in hair density. Booster dose is also needed every six months to maintain the results. Side Effects

Tenderness, soreness on the injected area, tightness of scalp, headaches, scar tissue formation, and calcification of injected points are common side effects of the PRP treatment.

These are the new millenniums answer to traditional hair growth treatments. Safe, easy, and highly effective, non-surgical hair fall treatments like the novel QR 678 are the new favourites for hair fall control in Bollywood and Hollywood.

QR 678 is a USA patented, plant derived, natural hair rejuvenation therapy, that has proven to be very effective in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia in men and women, female pattern hair loss because of PCOS, alopecia caused because of chemotherapy, seborrheic dermatitis and alopecia areata.

Developed, produced and marketed in India, QR 678 is a true Made in India product that has gained an international reputation in producing most effective, efficient results faster than any other surgical and non-surgical hair regrowth treatment known today.

To see how QR 678 works, See the below video-

The name QR 678 means Quick Response to a disease which earlier had no answer. The Esthetic Clinics Research & Development team have introduced this hair formulation in the commercial market after a decade of extensive research and studies. QR 678 has already been awarded a patent from USA and India and is FDA approved for commercial production as an effective hair fall treatment.

QR 678 contains a mix of six plant based essential growth factors that mimic those already present in the scalp. These hair growth factors combined with vitamins, minerals and growth peptides replenish the scalp follicles and increase the blood supply to the hair follicles leading to a healthier and denser hair growth.

How Does This Revolutionary Hair Loss Solution Work?

The balding areas of the scalp are identified and the QR 678 solution is administered by your doctor, to the scalp. The whole process takes a few minutes to complete and is almost painless. The sessions are repeated every month, for eight to twelve months.

The Results

QR 678 has been tested extensively on people from all over the world and all age groups to prove its efficacy. Over 12000+ patients have received the QR 678 treatment and it has clinically proven to cause more than 80% hair regrowth.

Clinical data published in top American peer reviewed Journals shows the following:

QR 678 has minimal risk, is nonsurgical, non-invasive, and a pocket friendly treatment that costs patients approximately 200 a day i.e. 6000 a month is required, to delay balding, reverse hair loss and keep a healthy mop of hair on the head, throughout life.

QR 678 hair loss treatment has almost no side effects and does not disturb the existing hair in any way. The Esthetic Clinics invented and started this therapy at its centers in Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata & Ahmedabad, but this treatment is now being used by the top plastic surgeons, cosmetologists and dermatologists globally in their patients.

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Hair Growth Treatment Secrets Bollywood Will Never Tell You About - Times of India

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