Funds raised for stem cell transplant

THANKS to the generosity of The Star?s readers, Lau Li Chee, 27, who is fighting a relapse of Hodgkin?s lymphoma, has raised more than enough money for a stem cell transplant.

Cheerful and confident even after four chemotherapy sessions recently, the gutsy girl from Kajang will take another jab to make sure her body is clear from cancer cells before undergoing the transplant.

She has donated RM15,000 from the readers? donations to Persatuan Rumah Caring Kajang that takes care of old folks and single parents, in addition to buying two wheelchairs for the welfare centre.

?Every sen counts. Since I have the medical expenses covered, I think I should channel the surplus to the home to help others in need,? she said.

?I am really thankful for the readers and Rumah Caring. The donors do not know me in person but they are so willing to help me, many also sent me words of encouragement.

?They show me that this world is filled with love and hope. I am more positive now and am confident that I will recover soon,? she said, adding that she is making Thank You cards to send to those with return address.

Her story was highlighted in StarMetro on Jan 30 as she desperately needed RM60,000 for the transplant when doctors told her that the cancer cells had spread from her neck to her stomach.

Prior to that, she had had 16 sessions of chemotherapy over two years, exhausting the family?s savings and all that she could claim from her insurance.

She had always been a diligent girl. Before she was diagnosed with the illness, she worked as an administration staff during the day and ran a noodle stall at night. She was also pursuing a business and finance degree part-time at a local university.

Even though she is not working now to concentrate on her treatment, she often visits the home to look after the aged residents there.

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Funds raised for stem cell transplant

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